Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Sweet Treat

We have another sweet treat in store today as we feature another Candy Hearts release from The Wild Rose Press.  In the author's spotlight today is Evin Bevan and her new book, Text Me. 

Did you always want to be a writer?
Heck no! I wanted to be a newscaster. At least I thought I did from about 8th grade until about my sophomore year of college. I could just picture myself on television with fancy hair and makeup, a great wardrobe, and all I had to do was read some lines from a script. At least, that’s what I thought at first.

By the time I realized I had no idea what a real newscaster did (and sadly my college didn’t prepare me very well for the job) I figured it was too late to change my educational path. I was on scholarship. In and out in four years was my goal.
Then, I got married, and essentially all of my ideas flew out the window and overseas with my husband’s career. Out of boredom, I entertained the idea I could write a novel to keep myself from going insane in my new secluded surroundings. I’ve always loved talking, so when I found myself alone in a foreign country, the voices in my head started talking. I just wrote them down, and became totally addicted.

How did you get started in publishing?
Well, I’ve never been one for wasting my writing. I spend years perfecting my stories. Why not publish? I sought out anyone that I thought might consider reading my work and low and behold I caught the eye of an editor at The Wild Rose Press. Thanks to her faith in me, I have continued with my love for writing.

What is your writing process – outlining or just writing?
Well, I’m a mixed bag. I see things in my head. I see scenes, or I hear scenes, or both, but never a full story. I may know that my hero has a certain job, he likes to fish, and he likes woman with blonde hair. I know that my heroine loves antiques, hates fishing, and outdoors. Something will come to mind that I have to jot down, then the next thing I know a story is born. I made tons of notes all around my manuscript, on stick notes, in notepads, etc. The whole process is actually very unorganized, but it gets done.

Do you have any advice for a beginning writer?
Yes, I do. You must read. Yes, I pulled out the bold. YOU MUST READ. Oh, and YOU MUST WRITE. Like all the time!

Read everything. Write everything. It doesn’t matter if it sucks or not. Write like it’s the best freaking thing in the world. Who knows? It could be one day. Read the authors you love and figure out what it is about them you love. Read books on writing, books on your craft, and take workshops or join writers groups. Writing is a solo act, but the friendships you make with other like-minded individuals are important in this business. Whenever I feel like giving up, they always snap me out of my funk.
Tell us about your latest book, Text Me,  and where you got the idea for it.

My newest/latest/greatest release comes out TODAY!! Yah!! It’s called Text Me, and it’s a Candy Hearts Romance being published with The Wild Rose Press. Last February, TWRP did a call for sweet/short romance stories that relate to the candy hearts we all eat at Valentine’s Day. The phrase Text Me stuck out like a an M&M in a bag of trail mix, and before I knew it I had a story outlined.

What do you like best about your heroine and hero?
Honestly, I like how quick my heroine is to tell lies. I know that sounds strange, but her lies land her in some situations that she has to dig herself out of. Fun stuff!

How about a blurb?

When Erika’s ex becomes her boss less than a year after dumping her by text, she gets desperate to find a date to the corporate Valentine’s dance so he doesn’t suspect she still has feelings for him. Though not a fan of texting for the obvious reason, she doesn’t have much choice but to tap the keypad in order to gain the attention of the only viable candidate from the classified ads.
Grayson made the mistake of listening to his brother a year ago and has regretted what he did to Erika ever since. But his brother’s next suggestion just might be his salvation when he takes out an ad for a Valentine’s date…and Erika answers.
Using a pseudo name and keeping contact to text messages only, Grayson’s plans to make Erika fall back in love with him appears to be working…until the date of the dance draws near, and she pushes a meeting—face to face.
That sounds like another Candy Hearts winner! What are you working on now?
Now? Well, let’s see. I think what are you NOT working on is the better question. When it rains it pours, and I am drowning in edits. Edits, edits and more edits for 3 books. Seriously! And, I’m toying with the idea of getting a series together for 2017. Those will definitely need a full outline, and as I said before, I’m just not that great with those. J

How can readers get in touch or buy your book?

Twitter @ErinBevan

Thank you, Erin, for being my guest.  Any comments or questions for Erin?

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