Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Romantic Thriller from a New Author

Talking with a new writer is always a fun experience and that's what we're doing this week. Joining me today in My Writing Corner is C. B. Clark, whose first book, My Brother's Sins was recently published by The Wild Rose Press.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always loved reading, especially romance, but I hadn’t written anything longer than an email. When a botched operation resulted in me losing my voice for a year, I decided to try my hand at writing a book. By the time I’d typed the second page, I was hooked. There’s no greater rush than creating interesting worlds where characters face insurmountable challenges they somehow manage to over come.

Tell us a little about your journey toward getting this first book published.
Like many authors, my path to publication has been a rocky one. When I finished writing my first story, I immediately sent the manuscript to several publishers. I was devastated when the rejection letters arrived. After I bandaged my bruised ego, I wrote another book. That too was rejected, but the editors offered encouraging words, and so I wrote another and another...all rejected. But each new story improved as I honed my craft. When I submitted My Brother’s Sins to The Wild Rose Press and was offered a contract, it was a dream come true.

What would you tell someone else who is starting out and looking to be published?
Don’t give up. The publishing business today is challenging, to say the least, but publishers are still looking for good stories. The more you write, the better your writing will be. Attend conferences, enter your manuscript in contests, join a supportive critique group, but keep writing and submitting.

Let's talk about your book, My Brother's Sins. What do you like best about your heroine and hero?
Hallie, the heroine in ‘My Brother’s Sins’, is a strong woman who overcomes obstacles, both internal and external. Her voice took on a life of her own as if she were determined to tell her side of the story. When I was writing, hours passed as her words flowed onto the page. As for Ryan, the hero…tall, dark, handsome, well-muscled, brave…what’s not to like?

What is your writing process – outlining or just writing?
I’m definitely a pantser. That’s part of the fun. I start with the germ of an idea and a first sentence and go from there. Some days writing is a wild, rollercoaster ride with ideas coming hot and heavy; other days, it’s like wading in mud. I love not knowing what’s going to happen next and letting my characters write their own stories. Of course, that means there’s lots of revising when I’m finished.

What is your next project?
I’ve signed a contract for my second book with The Wild Rose Press. ‘Cherished Secrets’ is a romantic suspense set in a small town in the Pacific Northwest where everyone has a dark secret. The hero and heroine must overcome past betrayals and work together to solve an old murder and rekindle their love.
How about a Blurb?

Ryan Marshall’s kid brother had always been trouble. Now, his brother wants Ryan, ex-DEA agent, to protect the woman he loves from a notorious, Mexican drug cartel.
The second Ryan lays eyes on Hallie Harkins, he knows he’s made a mistake. Hallie’s blonde beauty and stubborn grit tempt him like no woman ever has. It’s all he can do to keep his hands off her…and his heart intact.

Hallie’s worst fears are realized when the man she expects to meet, vanishes. In his place, a disturbingly attractive stranger appears, claiming he’s been sent to protect her. Can she trust him? Or is he working with her pursuers?  
Following an attempt on Hallie’s life, she and Ryan join forces, embarking on a perilous mission of danger and desire taking them from rural Montana to the sunny shores of Acapulco Bay, and into the clutches of a ruthless killer.

Will they survive the mission together and find love in each other’s arms?
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How can readers contact you?

I’m on the Amazon author page at:

Twitter: @cbclarkauthor


Good luck with your new book, and congratulations on being a new author.! Any questions or comments for C. B.?

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