Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Bewitching Tale for the Holidays

The cold days of winter are a perfect time for reading, so what could be more fun than a holiday-themed story that combines romance, animals and the paranormal. My guest today is author Tena Stetler who has done just that in her latest book, A Witch's Holiday Wedding, which was just released last week.

Tena, why don't you tell us about this book and what made you want to write it.
It's a sequel to A Witch's Journey which released in June. It's a story of redemption, magic wildlife rescue, true love and paying it forward. When I finished A Witch's Journey, I discovered the characters Laten and Pepper were not done with their story.

What gave you the idea for it?

I have been involved with animal rescue and have always wanted to visit Maine, so I combined the two and wrote the story. I wanted to make people aware of wildlife and animal rescue and rehab but to make it a fun romantic read in a magic setting.

How did you come up with the characters for this book?

My characters, like my stories, just come to me fully formed, with names and personalities.

What do you like best about your hero?

He's experienced tragedy in his life which estranged him from his family, but he learns from his mistakes and is a better man for them.

What about your heroine?

She is strong willed and believes in doing the right thing, even if it costs her. But in the end she is rewarded for her actions.

How about a blurb?

Elemental witch, Pepper McKay, and former Navy SEAL, Lathen Quartz, have built Lobster Cove Wildlife and Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on enchanted McKay land. During a romantic interlude on Halloween night, Pepper happily agrees to become Lathen's wife. What better day than Winter Solstice for their wedding in a town that loves celebrations and Christmas? However, planning a wedding and operating their wildlife center takes a toll on both Pepper and Lathen. When the couple takes a much-needed break for Thanksgiving with family in Colorado, a Maine snowstorm fills the center with injured wildlife. Lathen finds himself drawn into a cover military mission, while trying to deal with issues concerning friends and family. Pepper wants to cancel the wedding. Is she having second thoughts? Will the nosy McKay ghosts, Lathen's werewolf pack, Pepper's parents and her best friend help or hinder the wedding and holiday plans?

That sounds like a lively story with lots of twists and complications. How can readers get in touch with you?

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Thanks, Tena, for being my guest.  Any questions or comments for Tena?

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  1. Hello and thanks for hosting me and my new release A Witch's Holiday Wedding!