Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet Devon McKay

Wednesday is guest day at The Writing Corner and today we have joining us new author, Devon McKay, whose new book Cowboy on the Run has just been released for Kindle by The Wild Rose Press.
Devon, tell me a little of your writing journey? How did you get started? Did you always want to be a writer?

Actually, I wanted to work with animals. But, I’ve always been a story teller. Although, it had to be my version of the story. Even as a child I can remember reinventing the ending of classic bedtime stories with my own rendition of happily ever after. As far as the starting of my writing career, I always wrote. As a matter of fact, I can remember several short stories in the early stages of my writing career. None worth mentioning, unless I count my 4th grade book The Cat Did It! To this day, just the thought of the story turns back time and makes me laugh like a silly nine year old! It wasn’t until I took a creative writing course in high school with an insanely inspiring teacher that I felt as if I actually had a future in writing.
 On your webpage you say you see romance in everything you see. Do you find yourself composing stories in your head of some of those things – like old buildings or lonely roads?

Absolutely! What could possibly be more romantic than an old building or a lonely road? Oh…the possibilities are endless! I think everything, and I do mean everything, has a story.

 Who are some of your favorite authors in your genre?

I have so many. Mary Balough, Lisa Kleypas, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and several of the authors writing for The Wild Rose Press just to name a few. Honestly, the list goes on and on.

 Why did you choose that particular genre?

That’s easy. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve always been intrigued with the ups and downs of relationships and why people do the things they do when they are in love. Humans are a funny species…most of the time the turmoil is self-inflicted and it’s a bumpy ride. However, the outcome is always worth it. I’m a happy ending kind of gal.

 Your first book, Cowboy on the Run, has just come out. What gave you the idea for this story?

I got the idea from a verse in a song by Lady Gaga. “I’m not leaving here without you.” At one point, my hero actually used it in my book. The line got stuck in my head and I couldn’t make it go away. It’s quite a statement.  [ID1]  

Tell us a little about this book and what made you want to write it?

First love, lost love and two little secrets a mother can no longer hide. How could I not write it? I couldn’t help myself. Once I got the idea in my head, I simply couldn’t stop. Cowboy on the Run is about life and families. A modern twist on the knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress. In this case, it’s more like a tarnished shell. And the damsel? Not so distressed. Although, I have to admit, a man coming back to reclaim his first and only love and refusing to take no for an answer certainly makes my knees weak. Finding out he’s a father to a twin boy and girl gives the story an interesting twist.

 What did you like best about your hero?

He’s flawed. There is no doubt about it, the man is screwed up. Oh sure, he’s sexy as hell with steely blue eyes and a devil may care attitude, but he comes with baggage. Raised singlehandedly by an abusive, alcoholic father, Nate learned at an early age how easy it was to run from problems. It takes him a while, but he figures out running isn’t the solution. Even with this newly found insight, he’s far from perfect. And the itch to run never goes away. It is always just below the surface.

What about your heroine?

Jessie has grit. Endurance. No matter what knocks her down, she’s able to somehow pick herself up and face the world again. Although, such a hammering doesn’t come without a price. She’s extremely guarded. In fact there’s very few people she does trust, defending her family with the fierceness of a lioness. Whereas Nate struggles with the urge to run, Jessie is the opposite – stubbornly fighting until the bitter end. She’s resilient. However, beyond her tough exterior, lies a vulnerable girl harboring a broken heart.

 What are you working on now?

I’m always working on something. I can’t go an entire night without snippets of new ideas for novels forming in my head and keeping me awake. Often times I am up at 4 am jotting down notes. It drives my husband crazy. I recently submitted a story to The Wild Rose Press about an overly ambitious advertising executive making a travel brochure on Alaska and the territorial Alaskan who plans on making her endeavor anything but easy. Fingers crossed my editor enjoys the story as much as I did writing it.

 What genre would you like to write if you had the time to research?

I’m toying with writing a crime novel and have written several short horror stories, but I like romance. I always return to the love stories. I think I might try my hand at a historical western. I can’t seem to stay away from those cowboys for too long.

 This is your first book with The Wild Rose Press, any advice to beginning writers?

Keep writing. Never give up the dream. Write a great book and submit it to The Wild Rose Press. TWRP is absolutely amazing!

 Is there anything else you would like reader to know about Cowboy on the Run?

My book is about family. Oh, there’s plenty of romance and I can’t say enough about the turbulent steamy affair between Nate and Jessie, but there is so much more to the story. There’s the big secret Jessie’s kept from Nate. The children. On opposite ends of the spectrum they are both charming and endearing, yet adventurous and impulsive. Not to mention the rest of Jessie’s family who are just as protective as she is. And did I forget to mention a villain? Yes, every great story must have an evil, untrusting sort lurking around in the background and up to no good. I don’t want to give away too much. Just a taste, so you will read the book.

Thank you so much for having me Rebecca. I had no idea that being a blog guest could be so much fun! We have something in common. Your book – Dead Man’s Rules is coming out at the same time as mine. Now that’s exciting! And I can’t wait to read it!
Thank you, Devon and good luck with Cowboy on The Run.

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