Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Reading with Misty Simon

Summer has always meant reading to me. From the moment I was old enough to walk to my hometown library my sister and I went at least once a week to pick up several books. I devoured romance, suspense, historical romance, spy thrillers, westerns--you name it, I checked it out. In later years summer meant a Saturday trip to the bookstore and then sitting outside in the evening with a new book after a busy day in the newsroom. Even now I still find myself reading more during the summer months. 

Yes, summer seems like the perfect time to sit down with a good book, whether you're relaxing on vacation, sitting by the pool or beach or by a mountain stream. For the next three months My Writing Corner is dedicated to summer reading and all the good books out there, whether they feature romance, romantic suspense, historical romance,  fantasy or paranormal. to take you away from the world.

Today we're featuring the work of romance and mystery author, Misty Simon, and her newest book, Go Ahead, Make My Bouquet. It was released last week and is book number three in her Kissinger Kisses series, and it sounds like Misty has given us another fun romance with characters we care about and a story that will draw us in with its premise.

Dexter Zegray is up to his eyeballs in diapers and formula. That’s what happens when a baby that isn’t even his gets dropped off on his doorstep and his teenage brother – the father – decides to run off to “figure stuff out.” Dex wishes he could run away, too, but that’s not an option.

Zoe Bradley has for months successfully avoided getting caught in the Casanova trap that is Dex Zegray. But when he comes into Decadence with baby in tow, asking for help, she can’t resist the little girl or the man who might just be more than the philanderer name tag she’s assigned him.

Dex needs a nanny, and Zoe’s the only one with the time to do it. But will forced togetherness open Zoe’s eyes to his true charms? And why does it have to be precisely when he’s unavailable?

Here's an excerpt:

He ran a hand over his hair, not knowing where to start but knowing he had to say something to diffuse the tension thickening the air. “Look, I know I handled the other day badly.”
She gave a little snort that could have been in disgust or a short burst of laughter. He had no idea which but had to power on, regardless.

“You do things to me, I admit it. If it were any other time, or a different set of circumstances, you know I would be on you faster than you could take your next breath.”
There was a hitch in that next breath, a sign he was not doing this right, or he was doing it right, but not for the result he knew he should want—for her to go back to professional and friendly, instead of tempting him to break his own rules.

“I really need you to be here for Phoebe. I can’t change how I feel about the best course of action with her. I have to give her my attention and my time. If you and I started anything, I wouldn’t be doing that. I’d be jeopardizing the best thing that’s come into her life recently.”
“Sure.” She crossed her arms over that chest he’d dreamed of. She had his own breath hitching, though more quietly.

“Look at how awkward we’re being, and all we did is kiss. Can you imagine if we slept together and then you decided you didn’t want us anymore? It’s not just my own needs I have to think about.”
“Why do you keep insisting that I’m going to be that fickle?”

Want to read more? Here is where you can buy Go Ahead, Make My Bouquet.
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And here is how to reach Misty online:
Twitter: @MistySimon
Good luck with the new book. Any questions or comments for Misty?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New from Babette James

Today's guest in My Writing Corner is contemporary romance author, Babette James.  She has an exciting new book out, Love Burns. It is the third entry in her River series. Babette writes sweetly scorching contemporary romance and says she loves reading nail-biting tales with a satisfying happily ever after.  When not dreaming up stories, she enjoys playing with new bread recipes and dabbling with her paints. As a teacher she says she loves to encourage new readers and readers as they discover their growing abilities and she adds her class cheers when it's time for a spelling test!

Babette was born in New Jersey and raised in Southern California. She has had a life-long love affair with the desert and going down to the shore. Currently she lives in New Jersey with her wonderfully patient husband and their extremely spoiled cats.

Here's a blurb for Love Burns:

Sometimes fanning the flames is better than running...

Smokejumper Dave Knight lives by two simple rules--play hard, work harder. Heartache taught him love and commitment don't mix with his high-intensity lifestyle. That hot kiss with classy Olivia Benedetti-Harper was a mistake, but he walked away in time. Too bad he can't run from the memories. Then a plan crash shatters his future, forcing him to face the ashes of his past, the woman he can't forget, and the toughest challenge of his life: Stop running.

The right man broke her heart. How could the wrong man heal it? Obedient daughter and dutiful wife, Olivia always followed the rules--only to be abandoned by her unfaithful husband. As she rebuilds her life, bad-boy Dave is a sizzling temptation she can't afford. However, breaking the rules with the wrong man might be the best mistake this good girl's ever made for love.

Sounds like a hot love story on a number of levels, and I love the cover.   Want more?  Here's an excerpt:

“Grip the rod in your right hand.” He turned the long rod so the reel hung below and adjusted her grip. “Get the base of the reel between your middle and ring fingers and grip firm. How’s that feel?”

Her grip felt strange, but more balanced. “Good. This reel is different from yesterday.”

“That was just a spincaster. Good for the kids. You’ll like this spinning reel better.” He nudged her, sliding a slow hand over her hip. “Move that foot a little, there. Good.” He caressed her rear and let go. “Now, you want about six inches of line there free between the tip and the lure. Then, pinch the line between your finger and rod.” He adjusted her index finger. “There. Nice and firm. That keeps the line from moving when you open the bail. You’ll flip open the bail with your left hand. Ready?”

“Ready as I get.”

“We’re going to cast overhand first. After we get this way down, I’ll show you sidearm. Keep that finger tight on the line, and you’ll cock the rod back over your right shoulder, so the reel’s kinda pointed up.” He skimmed callused fingertips over her, and drew her into the gentle cage of his arms and hands, his chest brushing her back, sun-warmed bare skin meeting bare skin. “Like this.”

As he guided her through the move, needy heat swiftly turned resolve to be sensible to melted fudge, and focusing on his lesson and off pressing her body into his took effort. Oh, yes, how skillfully he’d used those hands yesterday…

“You’re ready to cast. Now, feel the motion. Most of it’s in the wrist and forearm.” His breath feathered over her cheek as he led her into bringing the rod back, their bodies swaying together. “You’re going to do that, but fast, and when you stop, here”—he paused with the rod pointing nearly vertical—“take your finger off the line and let her fly.”

Oh, she wanted to fly. She sighed, body softening into his as he reset their position.

“Ready to do it?”

Do…Oh, right. Casting, not…the other. Focus.

He patted her hip. “Livie?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“For real this time. Here we go.” He slid his hands, easing her into position. A swift draw back of the rod, a swift flick forward and, at his “Now!” she released the line and the plug whizzed through the air to plunk into the water.

“Great job. Reel on in and try it on your own.” Teasing a kiss to her neck, he patted her rear, and stepped away.

Wanting to whimper at her heightened frustration, she frowned at the line spooling onto her reel. Well, he did ask if you wanted to go fishing.

The toughest parts of casting, overhand or sidearm, were pinching the line hard enough and letting go at the right time. However, with Dave’s cheerful coaching, she landed the plug where she intended more than she miscast. Even when she snarled the line, he helped her without criticism to untangle and rewind while he shared funny stories of past fishing mishaps.

Despite her frustrations, sharing this peaceful time together and seeing Dave at ease lightened her heart. After his opening up yesterday, she better understood his need for quiet and escape that seemed so at odds with his restless energy. She’d felt the strain snapping in him as he spoke of his family, and she ached for him and his losses. She had an uneasy sense he’d glossed over deeper troubles.

Casual touches and brushes of his hands kept her simmering in desire. Yesterday had been amazing, a defining learning moment for her that she would always treasure. She wanted that again: sex being what she’d always imagined. He’d cared about her comfort, her pleasure.

Yet, doubts slithered. Weeping all over him…so not sexy. Maybe yesterday was just a fluke. Maybe she was misinterpreting—

Stop. Just enjoy the day.

She frowned, reviewing how perhaps their morning interactions might seem to Dave. She’d passively enjoyed his every touch, but not once asked for more. How would he know what she wanted? Why couldn’t she let Dave know?

Curious, she deliberately bumbled her next cast. As before, Dave stepped right in, steadying her hand on the rod and repositioning her arm. However, this time, as he grazed his hands over her, she twisted around and pressed her body to his, halting against one very hard erection.

Make that a yes on his interest. With a sizzling blush, but very amused and excited at how easily she diverted his attention, she rose up on her toes, and nipped at his jaw, brushing her lips over warm skin and new stubble, drawing herself over the solid length of him. If that wasn’t clear…

Dave groaned. “Do that again.”

Catching her free hand onto his hip, she rode up and nibbled more kisses to his jaw and throat as he tilted his head and arched his body into hers.

“Yes!” He ran his hands over her back, fingers hard and searching over her bare skin. “Damn,
sweetheart, what you do to me.” On a ragged draw of breath, he plucked the fishing rod from her hand and dropped it aside on the beach chair. “Fishing lesson’s over.”

Love Burns (The River #3) is available at:
The Wild Rose Press
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

And if you want more of the The River series, Summertime Dream (The River #1) is available at:
The Wild Rose Press
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

Clear As Day (The River #2) is available at:
The Wild Rose Press
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

If you want to learn more about Babette or reach her online, here are her contact details:

Amazon Author Page:
Thanks, Babette, for giving us a look at your book today.  Love Burns and the other two River books are now available.  Any questions or comments for Babette?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Release from J. C. McKenzie

It is always great when a new book comes out by someone I've featured in My Writing Corner in the past and today we are celebrating as author J. C. McKenzie prepares for a new release. It is Carpe Demon, and will be published by The Wild Rose Press on Friday, May 15. It's book three in the Carus series, and has a great cover. Here's a sneak peek:

Ever notice "Demon" in the word Pandemonium?

As an ambassador with the Supernatural Regulatory Division, Andy McNeilly is responsible for acting as the Liaison for the Vancouver Vampire horde. The problem? She detests the Vampire Master, and the SRD can’t discover the beast she keeps locked inside.

After a menacing Demon throws an important Vampire event into chaos, Andy finds herself sniffing out crime scenes to identify and locate the mystery fiend from the nether realm. What she learns chills her bones.

Threatened by the Master Vampire to deal with the Demon, Andy's complicated personal life doesn't make things easier. She's willing to risk her life and pride to keep loved ones safe. But how can she make a choice that will break one heart…and complete another?

If that doesn't whet your interest, how about an excerpt...

        The Demon’s grin widened. Standing a foot away from him with no room to maneuver and nothing to separate us, the serrated details of his shiny enamel glared at me.
        My fingertips tingled as I started to shift.
        Not fast enough.
        The Demon lunged. His long nimble fingers closed around my neck as I shot my hands out, inside his arms, and dug my claws into his face. My elbows pushed against the insides of his arms. His hold should’ve weakened, but this Demon possessed uncanny strength. His frame stretched, growing to almost eight feet in height and giving his body an emaciated appearance. He pulled me close, his nose touching mine. I wrenched to the side, but my toes dangled above the floor.
        “Bola sends his regards,” he said, his breath hitting my face.
         My gums stung as fangs protruded and I hissed at him, ready to make the full change and get my fight on. I yanked on the mountain lion and spurred her into action.
         “By all means, little nugget, shift into one of your animals.” He gnashed his sharp teeth together. “I love to rend the flesh of livestock, to mutilate the bodies of creatures, and to smash the bones of beasts."

This looks like another winner from J. C. McKenzie. She was born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada. She grew up in a pristine wilderness and she says it inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance. 

Here is her contact information, followed by the links to buy her new book. 

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
The Wild Rose Press:

Buy Links:

Wild Rose Press:

She is also offering a rafflecopter giveaway

Any questions or comments for J. C.?  Her book will be available on May 15!                     

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A New Release

There's nothing like having a new book out, so back in My Writing Corner today is author Laura Strickland. I love hearing about new releases and how writers develop new ideas for their books.

Laura, How did you come up with the idea for your latest work, His Wicked Highland Ways?

Hi, Rebecca, and thanks for having me here today! Usually, the ideas for my books just bloom in my mind spontaneously, a bit like weeds. In this case, I knew I wanted to write a new Highlander novel. My first book for The Wild Rose Press was a Highlander historical (Devil Black) and the hero, who was something of a bad boy, went over well with readers.  After that, I spent a considerable amount of time wandering around Sherwood Forest while I wrote my Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy, and followed that with two Christmas books and a Steampunk Romance. I felt I needed to get back to my first love and journey back to the Highlands again. My new hero, Finnan MacAllister, turned out to be positively wicked—though I’m happy to say not beyond redemption.
I love the cover! Very sexy. What do like best about your hero?

Apart from the fact that he’s irresistibly seductive? Well, I have to say I love his faithful heart. For all his sins, Finnan MacAllister knows how to keep a vow (even when he shouldn’t!) and he’ll fight to the death for those with a claim on his loyalty. When the book opens, he’s not only trying to avenge his family but seeking a measure of justice for his deceased brother-in-arms, who he feels has been betrayed. I also love that Finnan believes in the old magic that inhabits the Highlands; he whispers a prayer before battle, and seeks wisdom from the wild trout in his home glen.
What about your heroine?

I love Jeannie’s honestly. She comes from a difficult background in lowland Dumfries, where she struggled to keep her family home together against impossible odds. Now she’s driven to her only refuge—her late husband’s cottage in Glen Rowan—and her back’s to the wall. But she never flags in her courage, and owns how she feels toward Finnan MacAllister, even when it isn’t to her advantage. Jeannie’s certainly no simpering miss, and I think that surprises even Finnan—as well as attracts him more than a little.
What are you working on now?

As I’ve said, ideas blossom spontaneously in my fevered mind all the time, so I usually have several on hold. Keeping them alive and vital till I can get to them is the main difficulty. Right now I’m writing the first draft of a story tentatively called The Berserker’s Bride. It’s a Viking Historical (with Highland connections) set in the eighth century, in Iceland. Through this story, we get a glimpse of the fate of female captives snatched in a Viking raid, as well asthe aftermath of a berserker’s rage.  It also offers some ideas about the background of the blended folk that inhabit the Scottish islands today. Since I love both Scottish and Scandinavian music, and especially the way they combine in the fiddling tunes of Shetland, this seems a natural melding, to me.

 What is your next book?
My next release, now in edits, will be the second book in my Buffalo Steampunk series, called Off Kilter: a Buffalo Steampunk Adventure. I have such fun writing Steampunk! And this is a true beauty-and-the-beast story that I hope will have readers cheering for its hero, Jamie Kilter, all the way. Following that, I will be releasing a book in The Wild Rose Press’s Lobster Cove series, called The White Gull.  The Wild Rose Press and my editor, Nan Swanson, have been incredibly good to me, allowing me creative license to jump from genre to genre as impulse leads me. This is a publisher in a thousand and I am truly grateful!

Please give us a blurb for His Wicked Highland Ways:
Widowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother-in-arms, laird of the glen. Though she’s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer—a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land.

Finnan MacAllister has come home to Glen Mhor in order to right past wrongs. He doesn’t care that Rowan Cottage is the beautiful Widow MacWherter’s only refuge. He’s convinced she’s a wanton who deliberately broke the heart of his best friend, Geordie, and he’s vowed to get even with her: seduction is his weapon of choice. But will his own heart betray him?
Tagline: He’s vowed to break her heart … seduction his weapon of choice.

Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble:


Thanks for being my guest today. His Wicked Highland Ways sounds like another great book. Any questions or comments for Laura?

Mysterious Doings

As the  summer begins, it is time to start selecting those books we want to take on vacation or for sitting around the pool or at  the beach...