Sunday, October 9, 2011

Riding The Writing Roller Coast

Certain days in the book publishing world are much more fun than others. In fact sometimes it seems to me that the whole publishing process is like riding a roller coaster. You’re up and down, up and down. Well, almost like riding a roller coaster, because sometimes there are weeks or months where you’re hanging suspended in air—waiting.
First, there is getting the book itself finished. How cool is that? To have written a whole book. After weeks or months and sometimes years of hard work, to see that final page when you know you’re finished, well, that is quite a feeling of accomplishment. You’re on top of the world looking down.

Then comes the first plunge. Now you are faced with editing and that can really get a writer down. It’s very tempting to think that once The End is written, you’re finished with the story and ready to go to your agent or editor. Well, no. There are typos to check for, discrepancies to fix, and usually in my world, words to cut because I always come in too long and have to trim several thousand words.
After edits and re-edits, the next fun day comes when the book is finally finished and you do actually get to send it in. Off my plate and on to the next project!

Not so fast. That step is followed by waiting to hear whether the editor likes the book, whether you’ll get a contract, all those tense things.
The next great day comes when you get that contract offer. Yes! Someone else likes my book! Someone wants to publish it!

Okay, now more work. More edits, fixes, attention to small details.
Then another great day – galleys!  This is the first look at how your book will appear in print or as an ebook. And, of course, that is followed by more work – a very careful reading to catch any problems or typos.

Now more waiting and then low and behold another great day! The day you get to see your cover art. Just a couple of days ago I had that wonderful, exciting top of the roller coaster feeling. I got the cover art for my next novella, Shadows from the Past.  I couldn’t wait to unveil it. The artists at The Wild Rose Press have done it again.

 And now I’m riding around in circles over minor bumps while I wait to hit the top of the loop – the day my book is actually available for sale.  Stay tuned...

I'd love to see any comments about the cover, or any comments about the process in general.

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