Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Release from J. C. McKenzie

It is always great when a new book comes out by someone I've featured in My Writing Corner in the past and today we are celebrating as author J. C. McKenzie prepares for a new release. It is Carpe Demon, and will be published by The Wild Rose Press on Friday, May 15. It's book three in the Carus series, and has a great cover. Here's a sneak peek:

Ever notice "Demon" in the word Pandemonium?

As an ambassador with the Supernatural Regulatory Division, Andy McNeilly is responsible for acting as the Liaison for the Vancouver Vampire horde. The problem? She detests the Vampire Master, and the SRD can’t discover the beast she keeps locked inside.

After a menacing Demon throws an important Vampire event into chaos, Andy finds herself sniffing out crime scenes to identify and locate the mystery fiend from the nether realm. What she learns chills her bones.

Threatened by the Master Vampire to deal with the Demon, Andy's complicated personal life doesn't make things easier. She's willing to risk her life and pride to keep loved ones safe. But how can she make a choice that will break one heart…and complete another?

If that doesn't whet your interest, how about an excerpt...

        The Demon’s grin widened. Standing a foot away from him with no room to maneuver and nothing to separate us, the serrated details of his shiny enamel glared at me.
        My fingertips tingled as I started to shift.
        Not fast enough.
        The Demon lunged. His long nimble fingers closed around my neck as I shot my hands out, inside his arms, and dug my claws into his face. My elbows pushed against the insides of his arms. His hold should’ve weakened, but this Demon possessed uncanny strength. His frame stretched, growing to almost eight feet in height and giving his body an emaciated appearance. He pulled me close, his nose touching mine. I wrenched to the side, but my toes dangled above the floor.
        “Bola sends his regards,” he said, his breath hitting my face.
         My gums stung as fangs protruded and I hissed at him, ready to make the full change and get my fight on. I yanked on the mountain lion and spurred her into action.
         “By all means, little nugget, shift into one of your animals.” He gnashed his sharp teeth together. “I love to rend the flesh of livestock, to mutilate the bodies of creatures, and to smash the bones of beasts."

This looks like another winner from J. C. McKenzie. She was born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada. She grew up in a pristine wilderness and she says it inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance. 

Here is her contact information, followed by the links to buy her new book. 

Facebook Page:
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The Wild Rose Press:

Buy Links:

Wild Rose Press:

She is also offering a rafflecopter giveaway

Any questions or comments for J. C.?  Her book will be available on May 15!                     


  1. Thank you very much for hosting me! I'm very excited about this release. I forgot to mention the first two books of the series, Shift Happens and Beast Coast, are on sale for $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale (May 14th). Thanks again for the spotlight. :-)

  2. My favourite urban fantasy series are Mercy thompson par patricia briggs, kate daniels series by ilona andrews and the Sentinels of New Orleans series by suzanne Johnson

    This cover is my favourite from teh series so far!!

    thank you a lot !

    1. I love all those series, too. Just need to add Kim Harrison's The Hollows Series... I still can't believe I put off reading the Kat Daniels series for so long because of the cover photo for the first book. I really kicked myself while I engulfed the series book by book.

      And thank you. This is my favorite cover, too. Debbie Taylor from DCA Graphics keeps one-upping herself! Lol

  3. Miki has the same taste in UF as me. It would be tough for me to choose between The Mercy Thompson series and the Kate Daniels series as #1. Sentinels of NO is probably in the top 20.

    1. I think w all have excellent taste. I think I would put Mercy Thompson as #1, because that series was my first love for UF ;-)

  4. I have read all of the Mercy Thompson books.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I misread that comment! I thought you said you have to read the Mercy Thompson Series and I was like, yeah you do. :-) Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors.

  5. Replies
    1. Let's try to fix that! ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  6. I love Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series. Thanks.

    1. They're a great writing duo, aren't they? I love that series. I can't wait to read their next one. :-)


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