Monday, December 14, 2020

New Looks and New Opportunities

 Don’t we love it when we get something new? Whether it’s a new outfit or a new purse or a new outlook on life, having something new and different is always a great experience. For me I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the many places I’ve visited in my life and how exciting it was to see something for the first time. Whether it was the state of California or my new car coming out of the showroom all polished to drive home, I’ve celebrated a lot of new opportunities and experiences over the years. Several years ago my sister and I drove across country with our parents and we celebrated every time we drove into a new state and saw the sign that said “Now Entering.” Yes, that’s how much I enjoy seeing new things!

Imagine my surprise and delight every time I see a new book cover for my next book. This month I get to not only celebrate that, but I also get to celebrate new covers that are being done for some of my old books and that has me even more delighted.

 Let’s start with that new book first.  My next published book will be a book from Savvy Authors on one of my favorite subjects – something all authors have to do at one point in their lives – pitch their books.  

Whether you are trying to sell to a publisher or if you are publishing your own and selling directly to readers, you need to pitch your book.   Here’s a look at that cover that should be available soon.

What I loved about working on this book has been  ideas for helping authors to sell their own books--to agents, editors and eventually to readers. 

For several years I have taught classes with Savvy Authors on various topics about writing, but one of the most rewarding has been the pitch classes I've taught. Selling  yourself  as an author can be one of the most difficult challenges we face, so it's great to be able to help new\ writers get started with that process. We all want to write, but we also want to sell and the whole process starts with the pitch. Again, this book will be available soon. 

We’ll have more on that subject in a future blog, but for now I am focused on the “new” – the new covers for my other books. 

My first publisher Wings ePress is updating their covers and the minute I started seeing the new look, I absolutely loved the looks.  My first novel, a romance, Love on Deck was absolutely one of my favorite books to write and in many ways, a vision of the future.

“Women don’t belong on the baseball field. ” 

That’s the way handsome, playboy manager Sam Lucero thinks, but just try telling that to Amber Morales—she wants to be a baseball radio announcer. But she wants no part of a macho ex-jock who is trying to tell her what she can and can’t do. But while they may be striking out on the field, their hearts are hitting a grand slam in the bedroom

This book was a great enjoyment to write because when I set out to be a writer my first desire was to be a sportswriter. Unfortuantely, back in those days, the idea of a woman on a baseball field holding a microphone and trying  to get an interview was a real battle. My first trip to a the press box for a football game was met with frowns and men shaking their heads.  My baseball and basketball experience were very similar. Getting on the field at major league spring training was enjoyable but part because not only was I there to conduct the interviews, but I also had a female behind the TV camera. But those experiences helped me to write fiction in later years. I learned there might be obstacles, but to fight on. I wasn't looking for romance, but I found a great subject for a book!

My second book came out of another real life experience--my time spent in Las Vegas, and here's that great new cover.

Abandoned, unwanted, unloved. Maggie Hemple feels like the proverbial loser at love until a jackpot win and a new computer turn her life around. Now she has men pursuing her on the internet and she’s discovering she may become a winner at love after all. 

Or is she looking for love in all the wrong places? 

Jack Conroy, her handsome neighbor, thought he was happy being Maggie’s friend. But now Maggie is changing before his eyes and he realizes unless he drops his brotherly façade, he might lose her forever. But how can he compete with a dream she has carried for 14 years?

My joy in writing this book was again using a backdrop I had become familiar with and the suddenly new world of computer dating. 

Opportunities for writers are all around us if we look and we can always find something new and exciting to write about. As we head into the darkest days of winter, this might be a good time to sit down and try your hand at finally starting that next great American novel! 

Here are the buy links for these books and please email me at if you have any writing questions or if  you would like to know more about my Savvy Authors Classes.

Here are the buy links for my books:

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