Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet Cathy Tully

Joining me today in My Writing Corner is author Cathy Tully, author of the new book, Training Travis. Cathy, tell me a little of your writing journey.  How did you get started?

I started writing in 2000 after my youngest daughter, then seven, sat on my lap and asked me what I was going to be when I grew up : )  I had to think about that for awhile. What’s that they say, out of the mouths of babes?
My husband urged me to find something I loved to do stressing the fact that once the girls were grown up and on their own, I needed something for myself.  I enrolled in a children’s writing course and a year later published a children’s non fiction book for Kidhaven Press titled, NEBRASKA. Writing that book, taught me how to write tight, since the word count was low. A few months later, with library budgets being cut I found myself wondering what I should do next.

A good writer friend of mine suggested I try to write a romance, and I haven’t looked back since.

Did you always want to be a writer?
No. Writing for my college paper was the only writing experience I had.
What gave you the idea for Training Travis?
Characters talk to me : )  They often say, hey I’m here, write me : )

I pull from life when I write. I was a decorator for seven years so I used that as Rebecca’s career, and I have two daughter’s that were both teens at one time, which made the teen in the book, Elizabeth, easy to write.  The rest just came together as I wrote, edited and revised.

Was there anything you learned from writing this book, either through research or in the writing of it?
I learned that I can expand a story beyond 55,000 words. Writing tight is a good trait, but sometimes it holds me back.  With added characters, plot lines, etc. I was pleased when the book came in at 65,000 words.  I love adding humor to my books, and Rebecca’s mother had originally been deceased. So…..when I set to revising, I brought her back to life : ) She is hilarious and the reviews I’ve gotten confirm that going with my gut was the right thing to do.

One question writers always get and probably hate, but which I always find fascinating --  where do you come up with your ideas?
I usually have a tidbit of an idea --- then I sit down and ask myself what if about a million times, until I come up with a valid plot.

Your advice to writers is to read, read, read. Why do you think that is so important?
My advice to writers is to read, read, read, because reading the genre we want to write shows us the good, the not so good, and the bad way of writing a story. I think the more I read, the stronger writer I become. Again, I’m reading the genre I want to write. If you read an author you love, you can hear their voice jump off the page. Read well written books like that enough, and you become one of those writers that can do the same.

What are you working on now?

I’m actually finishing up a Christmas book, entitled, Twelve Days To Joy : )
How about a blurb on Training Travis?

Rebecca Evans resents Travis McGill. Not only did he break her heart years ago but he and his daughter represent the family she lost. Now, all the caffeine in the world wouldn't prepare her for his permanent move back to the hometown, Golden, PA, they once shared.
Due to the untimely death of his ex-wife, Travis McGill receives full custody of his teenage daughter. He can kiss the quiet lifestyle he's come to enjoy goodbye when he must live full-time with a teenager. Soon, renovations not only begin on the old Victorian he’d purchased, but on Travis' heart.
 How can readers reach you or find you online?
@_cathytully  on twitter
cathytully on facebook

Thank you, Cathy, for being my guest this week.

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