Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meet Christina Hollis

Visiting today in My Writing Corner is multi published author Christina Hollis.  Her latest book is His Majesty's Secret Passion, which was released last month by The Wild Rose Press.  Christina comes from Somerset, England and met her husband on a blind date.  She's been writing all her life and became a full time author when they moved to the Gloucestershire countryside.  She wrote non-fiction articles for national magazines before become a fiction author.
Her first full length novel, Knight's Pawn, was published by Harlequin Mills and Boon's Masquerade line. She took a career break to raise her family but she still wrote--concentrating on short stories. In 2007, she returned to writing longer, and wrote her first Mills and Boon Modern Romance, The Italian Billionaire's Virgin.
She says she writes contemporary romance starring complex men and independent women. When not writing, she can be found cooking, gardening or beekeeping. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and she's sold nearly three million books worldwide.  In addition to focusing on romantic conflict, she likes to capture the countryside in all its moods.  Her idea of relaxing is reading with a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate cake.
Here's a blurb on her latest book, His Majesty's Secret Passion:
Leo Gregoryan is determined to be the perfect king. Loyalty to his country means sacrificing his own happiness, but he’ll divert the energy he once poured into his dream of becoming a doctor toward royal duties. All he needs right now is a stress-free vacation–no future queen need apply. Sara Astley escapes to the luxurious Paradise Hotel after she’s dumped by her partner, who then stole the promotion she’d expected. She hides her broken dreams behind a tough exterior. Her stubborn streak makes her a challenge Leo can’t resist. His special brand of hands-on persuasion seduces Sara into enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. Their fling can't hurt either of them–or so they think. Leo's focussed on being the ideal hero. Sara knows what she wants, and that’s independence. Then a revelation tears them apart, meaning things can never be the same between them...
 Here's an excerpt:
The sea was so calm, Sara felt a wonderful sense of release. The Neroli swept across the surface like a swallow. She loved it. “You handle this boat like you were born to it, Leo.”
He seemed to find this funny. Seeing him look so happy made her heart do a little dance in her chest. The tousled man who kicked off his shoes and commanded his vessel barefoot and windblown was a world away from the sleek seducer of the night before...
Sara had a sudden crisis of conscience. She hadn’t texted her PA since the night before. Digging in her bag for her mobile, she switched it on. “Why do I get the funniest feeling I’m being watched?” she said without looking up from the keypad.
“Because you are. And there are two good reasons for that.”
 “You’re going to moan at me for checking mail when I should be taking a break.”
“That was one of the reasons.”
She guessed the other before he put it into words. “Blushing suits you, Sara.”
“It’ll look a whole lot better when my skin’s lost this pasty white colour.”
Leo clicked his tongue. “A woman like you should be sophisticated enough to accept compliments with better grace.”
“Sorry, but I don’t take orders from a guy who looks like a pirate.” She lolled back against the rail. It felt good to let the sun pour over her body. “Stop laughing, Leo.”
“If I’m a pirate, then the sea should be my only mistress. Is that what you want?”

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