Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sealed with Romance

December is always a busy month for everyone so who has time to start a whole new book or even finish one. This is a great time to focus on reading a few short stories, just to get something fun accomplished.  And what better than reading some short romances written by a group of romance writers who have put together a series of stories based on one premise -- some form of communication. 

Sealed with Love from the Heart of Denver Romance Writers is a delightful collection of romantic stories that range in content from historical to contemporary, from paranormal to science fiction.

Okay, perhaps I am prejudiced in that judgment because the volume contains one of my own short stories, "One More Romance," the story of a woman rediscovering a lost love... while attempting to find a lost love letter.

But all the stories by the nine other writers are unique and some are just plain fun. Heroes include pirates, a cursed werewolf and even an alien musician.
How fitting for this season that the first story from former newspaper reporter and teacher, Mary Marcus, takes place during a trip home for Christmas.

From cities to small towns, these stories run the gamut of locations, but they all contain wonderful romantic tales that have the reader shedding a tear or two at times. I particularly enjoyed Joyce Mullen's story, "Thirteen Bachelors," because Joyce is well into her 90s and still writing. What an inspiration!

To be honest, I am not finished with all the stories, but every one I read just keeps getting better.  If you're looking for something to read while waiting for gifts to be wrapped or sitting at the table in a restaurant waiting with a drink for your friends to finish their shopping, you might consider taking the time to download this wonderful volume of romances.

These authors, from The Heart of Denver Romance Writers, are dedicated authors who read romance, study the genre and work hard at writing their own material. It's only natural that they should turn out such a delightful anthology. 

The editor, Helen Hardt, is a professional fiction editor who counts among her clients New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and RITA winners. She is also an award winning author and one of her stories is included.

Sealed with Love is available now at

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