Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Time Travel Romance To Enjoy

As we wind down the summer reading I'm starting to look for fun new books for the fall. As the days grow cooler and I want to simply sit inside with a good book there are lots of new offerings out there. This week in My Writing Corner, I am featuring the work of Isabella Laase.

She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and what she calls two yippy little dogs, but says she loves to travel every chance she gets. Isabella is the author of sophisticated, naughty, romances and tells us she enjoys getting lost in her stories and her characters' lives. Her passion is creating strong female protagonists who make choices and sacrifices to find their way in the world. Isabella dates her love of writing all the way back to her childhood dollhouse days. She says, "The novel format allows you to move your characters in any direction, wear any clothing, and experience anything you want. Only your imagination slows you down!"

Her first book, Tamed by the Virginian,  was just released in August. Her next work,  Training Tia, is due to be released in the fall of 2016.

Eighteen-year-old Jory Logan has made more than her share of bad decisions, but things come to a head when she is involved with a robbery that goes horribly wrong. Facing a long prison sentence, she decides to play along with a mysterious woman who claims to be able to offer her an alternative to jail--four years in the past, learning the lessons she was never taught in her own life. Then she will be free to return to the present day with a clean slate. When she awakens in Virginia in the year 1785, alone and unable to fend for herself in a world so different from her own, she is relieved to be taken in by frontiersman Nial McKay and his brother. She soon discovers, however, that life on a farm is hard work.

Nial is determined to keep his relationship with Jory chaste and proper, but as time passes he is forced to admit that he is falling in love with the beautiful, spirited girl. Can he bring himself to claim her as his woman rather than his ward, or will his hesitance cause him to lose her forever? And when her four years is up, will Jory be forced to leave everything she has grown to love behind in the past?

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Thanks, Isabella for being my guest today.   Questions or comments?


  1. You are quite welcome. I really like the premise of this book and I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends!


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