Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Matter of Murder

Murder, mystery and mayhem are always high on my reading agenda, so I am always watching for authors I haven't read yet that I can discover and enjoy.  Today's guest in My Writing Corner falls into

that category.  

Susan Coryell is a career educator who has taught classes in English, Speech, drama, reading and English as a second language to students from grade 7 through college. She is also a prolific writer who has had articles published in publications from Cooperative Living to The Washington Post. She's even written recipes for magazines and cookbooks. But she also writes fiction for adults and young adults. She married her high school sweetheart and currently lives in Virginia.  

Her latest book is A Murder of Priniciple.  It sounds like a great book to enjoy on those warm afternoons sitting in the park or outside on the patio or at my favorite restaurant with a glass of wine in one hand and a book on the table.  

What happens when an unscrupulous principal threatens to destroy a model high school? 

A new principal takes Harding High by storm, wreaking havoc with every executive order, every decision, tearing down the stellar school tenet by tenet. Teachers, other administrators, students, parents—the community at large increasingly react to the tremors shaking Harding High as Principal Wendy Storme churns a destructive path through their traditions, values and protocol. Everyone seems to have a valid motive for murder.

English department chair, Rose Lane, and her rookie sidekick, intern Penny Bright, are determined to move the hurricane force Storme out of Harding for good…except that somebody beats them to it with the decisiveness of murder

That grabs your interest doesn't it?  I know it grabbed mine!  Here' an excerpt that will make you want to keep reading!

With a blast of nerves, Rose pushed open the door and moved inside the large, windowless room. Settling her eyes on the principal’s desk, she noticed that the woman’s position was oddly out of the ordinary; her limbs stretched unnaturally and her neck twisted away to the side. The desk itself was covered in a flurry of papers and every drawer had been pulled and left open. A mug of spilled coffee puddled down one side of the desk. Written on the mug was the word Boss.

Rose fought panic as she moved in and surveyed the surreal scene before her. Principal Wendy Storme had not moved. The face on the twisted neck was frozen in an ugly grimace of terror—with mouth and eyes wider than normal. Her swollen jaws and neck had darkened to a macabre blue. A thin stream of drool crept down Wendy’s chin and her eyes stared unseeing at the wall beyond. Without notice, Wendy’s body flopped to the floor with a flaccid thud, virtually at Rose’s feet. 

Principal Wendy Storme was dead.

Like I said, you'll want to keep on going. Want to find out what happens? Here's how to buy:

The Wild Rose Press

If you would like more information on Susan, here is her website:

Thanks, Susan, for being my guest and introducing us to your latest book.


  1. What a nice Spotlight! Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Great blurb and excerpt!
    Good luck and God's blessings

  3. I agree with Pam! I enjoyed reading this novel and recommend it to anyone who appreciates a quality mystery novel.

    1. Jacqueline: We have a mutual admiration society! I love your books and am so grateful for your appreciation of mine! Let's both keep writing.

  4. Wow, this grabbed me! Best of luck with your new release.

    1. Marissa: Tickled that this "grabbed" you! I think the book itself will do the same. Hope you will give it a read (and a review!). Thanks for commenting.

  5. Great excerpt! thanks for sharing.

    1. Connie; glad you liked the excerpt . The principal does on page 3; the rest is a flashback to the school year. Thanks for commenting.

  6. A great spotlight on your book, Susan. I really enjoyed reading it.


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