Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Taking a Journey with an Audio Delight!

The end of summer always makes me think of looking for new reading material because soon we won't be as willing to get out on cold days and that means more time to read! And what could be more fun to read than books that take us traveling in both place and time. That's the sort of work I found in this week's author guest in My Writing Corner, Jeannie Grant. She says she loves writing of all types, from non-fiction to fiction involving travel --
or time travel.  

Like so many authors, she began trying to write in her younger years, but then pursued another profession. Her background is in science, in biology, and she has written articles in that field, but she also says she loves to write about anything that suits her fancy. She hails from New England, where she says she loves walking the hills with her family. 

We love her fiction writing, which can take us on journeys through time, especially Scotland. Jeannie's latest work takes back in time to a fictional world that totally grabbed my attention. The book is  called, A Hundred Kisses and the great thing about it is that it is being released on audio!  I love to listen while I'm driving or walking. Here's the blurb.

Two wedding nights. Two dead husbands. 

Deirdre MacCoinneach wishes to understand her unusual ability to sense others’ lifeblood energies…and vows to discover if her gift killed the men she married. Her father’s search for a new and unsuspecting suitor for Deirdre becomes complicated when rumors of witchcraft abound.

Under the fa├žade of a trader, Alasdair Montgomerie travels to Uist with pivotal information for a Claimant seeking the Scottish throne. A ruthless baron hunts him and a dark past haunts him, leaving little room for alliances with a Highland laird or his tempting daughter.

Awestruck when she realizes that her unlikely travel companion is the man from her visions, a man whose thickly veiled emotions are buried beneath his burning lifeblood, Deirdre wonders if he, too, will die in her bed if she follows her father’s orders. Amidst magic, superstition, and ghosts of the past, Alasdair and Deirdre find themselves falling together in a web of secrets and the curse of a hundred kisses…

Now that sounds like a perfect book for listening to while driving the kids back and forth to school or for driving while running errands!

The book is currently available through
The Wild Rose Press,
Amazon Audible
Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and iTunes.

And Jeannie tells us she has another book set in Scotland coming soon, titled A Hundred Breaths.  We'll be watching for it!

For more information on Jeannie and her books, here is her contact info:

Thanks for being my guest today and for introducing us to your new book. Any comments or questions for Jeannie?

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