Monday, October 12, 2020

Bright Ideas for Dark Days

 Let’s face it. Sometimes we need a new way to look at life—whether it’s looking in or looking out. These days it’s  a fun way to brighten up living quarters or brighten up the day. We’re getting ready for those darker days of winter, but we’ve already spent a good amount of time inside and unable to do the things we normally do in the fall.  Whether it’s because not being able to drive through the mountains to see the fall colors because of fires or restrictions due to Co-Vid, these are unique times for all of us and we still need those things that bring us joy.

How can we find some of that joy when we’re limited on so many levels? For a writer that can mean a lot of different things:

  1. Try a new genre. I think I’ve issued that challenge in the past, but there is always something fun about trying a different genre, whether it’s writing science fiction when you normally write romance or trying  romance when you normally write mystery.
  2. Look for new ways to research. I have to admit I miss those days of being able to spend endless hours at the library, but you can find so much information online or simply by getting out and driving in your neighborhood. Are there places you’ve driven past that you never took the time to fully watch or learn about? Call around to various places and look for information you’ve wanted to know or haven’t had time to learn in the past.
  3. Call a friend and get new information about how they are coping with these dark days or just chat and catch up. You’ll never believe how many new ideas you might come up with. Ask them for ideas, or even indulge in some fun gossip. 
  4. Do what my brother is doing and re-decorate! He is having a good time not only rearranging the house but looking for new material to make by constructing a home shop. He figures that will give him plenty to do in the winter months when he can’t get out and do his normal bike riding or hiking.
  5. Look for new interests. This is the slow time to indulge in those things you always wanted to complete it try, but never had time to do. That can even mean going through old pictures or organizing them.  I have to admit I had a great time going through my old pictures of visits to the Denver Art Museum which included a wonderful gem and jewelry show, which included a diamond snake and and gold lizard., a Dior retrospective and the works of Monet. 

 But these are not all  tough days. I have had some fun events Going on too. Some of my books are getting a new look at Amazon and the covers are great. I will have an update on that next week. I also have my first virtual conference coming up.

So yes, we are all going through some quiet days and the unlikely end is still not in sight, but we can use the time to either get new story ideas or work on old stories.  I’ll look at doing that next week.  


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