Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Joy of Release Day

There is nothing quite like the day that your book finally comes out. Days and nights of writing, weeks of editing, months of waiting! And then, there it is, with a great cover, up on a webpage ready for sale. My new suspense novella SHADOWS FROM THE PAST came out today, so naturally I was up early, hesitating as I opened The Wild Rose Press publishing website, half afraid it wouldn’t be there, although I knew it would be. Should be.

And there it was!
The fabulous cover, the tempting blurb, and a sale price! Yes, it is on sale at the moment.

As I’ve written previously, SHADOWS FROM THE PAST was a joy to write because for me it is my homage to the gothic tales that made me love reading and writing romance. When I started reading suspense many years ago, I loved the stories where the young woman came to the strange house that held so many secrets. I absolutely loved  JANE EYRE and then came WUTHERING HEIGHTS  with its mysterious landlord Heathcliff and his lost love. Naturally I fell in love with Manderely in REBECCA and then came Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney. I read every Whitney book I could get my hands on.  She always had a wonderful gothic setting that was true to whatever far flung location she used.   

I was also a big fan of DARK SHADOWS with its dark mansion and all the secrets inside. The thing I’ve always loved about gothic romances besides the spooky setting is the presence of similarly spooky and mysterious characters. Barnabus Collins, anyone? Or how about that strange Mrs. Danvers?

And then there were those gray days that seemed to fill the gothic stories--lots of fog and low hanging clouds. Lots of mist. Actually today was supposed to be snowy in Colorado, but as though the weatherman knew it was my release day, we have been given a cold, drizzly day, just the sort that I wrote about in SHADOWS.

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