Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hot Summer Reading

Today we continue our summer reading with a paranormal romance by author J.L. Sheppard, Heavenly Desire, Elemental Sisters III.  It is the third installment of the Elemental Sisters Series and right now it is a bargain for your summer reading. For the next week, it is on sale for 99 Cents.

Here's a look:

Clyde, an angel, battles the one thing he believes will lead to his fall from heaven--his new found emotions, forbidden among his kind. Nonetheless, the Angel Lords promise to promote him to warrior when he completes his last assignment--to find Jade. When he does, emotions he never knew possible arise.. For the first time in two thousand years, he cursed his existence. Knowing she can never be his, will he sacrifice his wings for a woman he loves but can't keep?

Sounds like a great book to read this summer!

J. L. began her publishing career two years ago with the first Elemental Sisters book, Demon King's Desire. She has wanted to be an author since she was a child and that was her greatest aspiration. Born and raised in Miami, FL, where she still lives, she began writing by keeping a journal and wrote countless poems. A graduate of Florida International University,  she later worked in a TV news department for three years.

She has received great reviews for this book, receiving five stars from Night Owl reviews and from the Paranormal Romance Guild.

Ready for an excerpt to tempt you?

He bent toward her, wrapped one arm around her waist, the other around her back, then buried his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled.
Relishing the feel of her body melded against his, he forgot the worries consuming him. She soothed his ache with a mere touch, with a mere embrace.
Exactly what he’d wanted, exactly what he needed.
She then pressed her full lips against his cheek, kissing him lightly.
An innocent kiss. There was no passion behind it, but an unconscious consuming need, one he’d never felt, swelled inside him—desire. It was exciting, overwhelming and terrifying, blocking logic and reason.
All he wanted now was a single kiss. All he could think about was how her soft lips would feel pressed against his.
Marvelous, he concluded.
It was absurd to want what he did and feel what he felt, for he was an angel. Carnal desires even as insignificant as kisses were for others, for all others except his breed, and yet he felt it so deeply it seared him.
The desire that gripped him didn’t release him even after she unhooked her arms from around his neck, and the warmth of her body melted away.
There he stood, immobile, battling the desire she’d sparked. He didn’t want to leave yet knew he had to before he’d acted out his longing.
He willed his body to move. Finally, he placed one foot behind the other, stepped back and strode away praying the yearning he had no right to feel for a woman who would never be his would soon subside.
                                                                  * * *

Don't you want to keep reading?  As I noted, Heavenly Desire is on sale for the next week if you want to get a copy. Here are the links:

The Wild Rose Press:

Here's how to contact Jean:
Thanks, Jean, for being my guest.  Any questions or comments for Jean?


  1. You are quite welcome, JL. Heavenly Desire sounds like a wonderful reading adventure for the summer.


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