Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dancing into a New Romance

Dancing into My Writing Corner today is romance author, Mariposa Cruz, to tell us about her new book, Package Deal. Did you always want to be a writer?

I’ve been writing stories in spiral bound notebooks since I can remember. My best friend and I spent an entire summer passing a notebook back and forth writing a story about our group of friends. We read the finished story at a Christmas party later that year. I’m happy to report we’re all still on speaking terms with our high school friends.
I wrote articles for my college newspaper and my first short story was published in the college literary magazine and I’ve been balancing fact and fiction ever since.   

Tell us how you got started in publishing your first book.
I felt apprehensive on New Year’s 2009 since I was facing a court date for divorce at the end of January. I sent my manuscript for “Howl” to The Wild Rose Press on New Year’s Day in hopes that maybe some good news would come after the divorce.

A couple of months later I received a response.  The editor liked “Howl”, but it wasn’t ready for publication.  Using her suggestions I re-worked the story.  I spent the next few months going back and forth with the editor and pulling my life back together. After several go rounds with a very patient editor, “Howl” was finally awarded a contract in October of 2009.  I had a much-needed celebration with my kids and a chocolate cream pie.  So even if you’re navigating a difficult time in your life, don’t stop writing!
Tell us about your latest book, Package Deal, and where you got the idea for it.

I enjoy dancing, especially the Latin dances like Bachata and Salsa.  The dance floor is the best place for characters and potential stories. Reno has a vibrant Salsa scene and I couldn’t resist making it the backdrop for” Package Deal”.
What do you like best about your heroine and hero?

Even though Liz and Patrick are in their late forties, established in their careers and were previously married to other people, falling in love for them is still exciting (and terrifying) for them.  I had so much fun with Liz and Patrick that I included them in my short story collection, “Hot Flash”.
What are you working on now?

Each dance genre and setting (nightclub, honky tonk or studio lessons) has its own ambience which will be explored in the Rhythm and Romance series. I’m working on the next story in the series.  “Ladies Man” which tells Liz’s paralegal, Julie’s story and features West Coast Swing.

How about a Blurb for Package Deal?
Widowed attorney, Liz Grant, buries her grief in a deluge of paperwork.  On whim she takes a free dance lesson at the club Eclipse where the mojitos are cold and the Salsa is hot.  She falls for Salsa’s spicy rhythms and Patrick Cavanaugh’s sexy grin.  But can Liz handle the dramatic change of tempo in her well-ordered life? 

Patrick has all the right moves, but struggles to keep his balance as his adult daughter spins out of control.  Will their love survive off the dance floor?
Thanks for being my guest today. To find out more about Package Deal, author interview and classic horror movie review check out:

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for having me as your guest. Looking forward to having you on my blog on November 7th!

  2. Wow! This series sounds fantastic! I love dancing stories and watching dancing on TV, and I'm going on a jive weekend soon where I know there will be West Coast Swing lessons. Never been to Reno, though!


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