Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Big City Romance for Summer Reading

We're in the heart of July and the hot days are a good time to stay inside and read that new book or to take it to the beach or mountains. No matter how and where you choose your reading time, summer is great for new books and learning about new authors to read.

The guest in My Writing Corner today is Charlotte O'Shay, author of the new book, The Marriage Ultimatum.  Charlotte was born in New York City into big family and then married into another big family. As you might imagine, as a writer, that provided her with enough drama, noise and inspiration for a lifetime of stories.
Negotiating skills honed at the dinner table led her to a career in the law. After four beautiful children joined the crowded family tree, Charlotte gladly traded her legal career to write about happily ever afters in the City of Dreams.

And that is just where her newest book is set.  Here's a blurb:

Dead-end job? Dreary apartment? Disastrous love life? Check, check, and check.  Toddler who makes it all worthwhile? Absolutely. Juggling work, college, and the care of young Alex was never Sabrina's plan.

But Sabrina's dreams are bigger than any curve ball life can throw at her. Her top priority is keeping her small family together, no matter what the cost.

Vladimir Grigory doesn't believe in dreams. He earned his position at the top of New York's corporate ladder with his own sweat. His empire is his baby, and he'll destroy anyone who threatens it. Even the sexy employee who challenges him on every level.

When the New York tabloids and the world call him the baby daddy of Sabrina's son, Vlad believes Sabrina is part of a plot to expose the secrets of his past. He threatens to destroy her future. But since Sabrina has secrets of her own, she has no choice but to agree to Vlad's marriage ultimatum.

Sounds like a perfect read for the summer time.  Let's get more!  Here's an excerpt:

“Ms.,” he glanced at the folder again, “Boyd.”
Now Sabrina felt lower and dirtier than the bottom of a trashcan. They hadn’t exchanged names the night before. We went from zero to sixty in five minutes in the backseat of a car. We were seconds away from completely anonymous sex. You’re the top guy at VGI. Hell, you are VGI, and I climbed over you like a lap dancer. But buddy, your hands were glued to me, too!

The heat climbed up from her chest to her face again.
If she could rocket off the planet, she would in a nanosecond. Her heart blocked her throat, and she couldn’t utter a word if her life depended on it. Not wanting to look but unable to tear her gaze away, she just stared.

And man, he was taking his sweet time staring right back.

Are you intrigued?  Here's where you can get your copy of  The Marriage Ultimatum.

The Wild Rose Press:

ISBN(s) 978-1-5092-0814-2 Paperback
              978-1-5092-0815-9 Digital


Kobo: ISBN: 10:1509208151

           ISBN: 13: 9781509208159

ISBN-13: 2940158185540
If you'd like to get more information about Charlotte or visit her website, here is that information.

Website: (wordpress)     

Facebook: Charlotte O’Shay

Twitter: @charlotte_oshay

Instagram: charlotte_oshay_author

Thank you Charlotte, for being my guest today.  Any questions or comments for Charlotte?


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