Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Romantic Fun with Old Friends

This is the month for romance and it is always fun to find new fun with a romantic couple who made us fall in love with them the first time around. Joining me today in My Writing Corner is Anita Kidesu, who last year gave us the Candy Hearts romance, Surprise Me.  She is back with the characters from that book, Josie and Carson,  in a new romance, Surprise Me Again.

Charged with trespassing and indecent exposure on Erik Stenson's private beach, Carson and Josie Sandberg return to South Padre Island to take care of the ticket. However, their reunion with Erik is not what they expected.  An invitation for a drink turns into a weekend of passion that fulfills fantasies and leaves all parties wanting to explore a threesome outside the bedroom.

Will time, distance and family issues stand in the way , or will they be surprised again?  

I enjoyed this couple so much the first time around I had to ask Anita for an interview with them.

Carson, the two of you have have been together for a while. What do you like best about Josie?

Her inner strength. It wasn’t easy moving her and the boys across the country. She had to leave her job, find a place for us to live, and deal with our sons’ anger at having to switch schools their senior year of high school. She did this mostly on her own because I had to focus on my new job.

What do you like least?
The fact that she doesn’t realize she has this inner strength. At times she lacks self-confidence. For instance, she hid the fact that she was writing a romance novel. Didn’t tell me or Eric until she’d received a contract. I’m proud of her.
What makes your special relationship work?
Love. Commitment. Laughter. I couldn’t imagine my life without her at my side. Once we met Eric, it was if a piece of me settled into place. I love making Josie happy, and our being with Eric does that.

Josie, what first drew you to Carson?
I hate to admit it because it sounds shallow, but his looks drew me to him. Then when I finally got the courage to talk to him, it was his sense of humor. I love a guy with a sense of humor. One who doesn’t take himself seriously. I’ve met so many guys who thought they had to be bad boys or to be cool meant they couldn’t laugh or smile. Ugh. A man’s smile and laugh are sexy.
What do you secretly wish you could change about him?

Yikes. That’s a tough one. I guess it would be that he could be more handy around the house. After the first time he nearly burned our house down fixing a lamp, and fell off  a ladder cleaning out the gutters, I decided I’d just get my father to do the odd jobs.

For both, or either:  Tell us about your latest adventure.
That would be when we went to South Padre Island armed with a candy heart that said “Surprise Me.” My mother-in-law urged us to spice up our lives by surprising each other. We ended up getting into trouble with the law and had to return to court to clear things up. That’s when we met up with Eric again.
What’s special about Erik?

Josie: Here’s the shallow me again, but his looks attracted me. But there was something about him. I don’t know if it was charisma or what but a spark lit when he approached me. I appreciated that he backed off when he realized I was married. I also liked it that he cares about me and Carson. 

Carson: Eric is like a brother to me, one who loves Josie as much as I do. I’m happy to know that if something were ever happen to me, Eric is there to take care of Josie. He was burned by relationships in the past, but was brave enough to take on Josie and myself.

 What’s ahead for the two of you?
Keep living the way we are with Eric in our lives. Get our boys through college. Enjoy life while we wait to become grandparents, which hopefully won’t happen for many years. Travel.
Thank you both, and thank you, Anita for letting me talk to your characters.
Here are the buy links if you want to get a copy of Surprise me Again.

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Any questions or comments for Anita?


  1. I love so many things about this post!
    The cover art is gorgeous, nothing like what I expected when I first heard about Anita's sequel to Surprise Me.
    I adored Surprise Me when the Candy Hearts series came out and have often reread the story when I need a gut=buster laugh.
    So very glad to see the sequel.
    Much luck with this one, A.
    Veronica Lynch

  2. Really cool idea interviewing the characters. Like getting to hear things from their side. :) Best of luck and maybe even a third surprise!


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