Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Romance with a Billionaire

We're moving into February, which means my search is on for wonderful romantic reading.  There's nothing quite like finishing off the winter with some great love stories.  I have to admit an affinity for that new trend toward billionaire romances. Who wouldn't want to find a hot guy with lots of money to spend and with just one weakness--a woman!

Today's guest in My Writing Corner is Jean Adams. She's an award winning romance author from New Zealand, who says she loves happy endings. That makes her a perfect romance writer and she has won several writing contests that also illustrate her skill in doing just that. She is a former airline employee who has travelled extensively so her knowledge in that regard also comes through in her work.

Her newest book  Billionaire romance book, Honey's Greek Billionaire. 
Here's the blurb:

In an effort to stop his embarrassing flirtations, Honey Preston jokingly asks her billionaire boss, Paris Magdalinos, to marry her. Much to her surprise, he accepts, and no amount of wriggling on her part will induce him to let her off the hook. Besides, she doesn't believe she's good enough for him.

Paris has his own agenda. He's using Honey's innocent proposal to help him out of a sticky situation. And their marriage will only be for a short time...until he kisses her and discovers she's the woman he's been seeking. She's perfect for him, and he wants to stay married. But Honey's beliefs are hard to shake.
Here are the buy links:
The Wild Rose Press

For more information on her books and to reach Jean, here is her web page link:

Any comments or questions for Jean?

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