Monday, July 17, 2017

New! Our Novel Concept Goes Live

As a reader I am always looking for a new book or story to reader and as a writer I'm always looking for a new idea to work on. My newest journey starts today with Novel Concepts and you can come join in the fun by visiting us at

Reuniting with friends for a beach vacation, Lana quickly finds herself with a choice to make. What will she do?  Readers decide so vote now!

Read on to find out more about our project:

Haven't you ever wished as a reader that you wish you could decide what will happen next in the book and then tell the author what to do? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? My sister says she doesn't like the idea. Not only does she want to be surprised, but she says she paid to have the book entertain her, not to have to work on the story herself.  But some readers don't feel that way. Some would like to have a say in what will happen.

What about the author? Wouldn't you love to have another author to work with who will help you when you hit a dry spot or can't decide where to go next with a story? I write by the seat of my pants so I often don't decide what my characters will do until they start doing it themselves. I know I would love to have someone else working on the story as well and adding their thoughts. 

Well, putting both these ideas together, I have joined forces with a group of 8 other writers and we are going to write a story based on what the readers wants. The idea is called Novel Concepts and we started on Monday, July17th.

While one of our talented authors began writing the story, readers, YOU will get to make the choices of what our characters will do and which direction the story will take. At the end of each section you will be given a choice of which direction you want the story to go. We will tally up the score and then the next writer will pick up the tale and move on.

Every Monday, you, the reader, will get a new installment, and again get to make the choice on the storyline.

The writers are nine published authors who write everything from Western, to Fantasy to Mystery and Suspense and of course, we all include plenty of romance in our stories and this will be no different. With a wealth of experience in writing stories we will work hard to make each week a wonderful reading experience.

And then YOU, the reader, get to point us in the direction to go next.

If you'd like to take part and have some fun reading a new storyline every week, we hope you will drop in and read the story and vote on what you want to see happen.

As mentioned it is up and running at  I hope you'll stop by and help us write our story. I don't expect my sister to help decide our story direction, but I know she'll stop by for the entertainment.

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