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A Spirited Visit to Deerbourne Inn

As I've noted in the past I love to read books that are part of a series. Get me hooked on one, and I'm reading to go through every one of the other books I can find. That has been the case when I started reading the Deerbourne Inn Series from The Wild Rose Press. Every story has hooked me to keep on reading. Today's guest in My Writing Corner is another author from that series, and that is part of what I've loved about reading the books. Because each one is written by a different author each has  a unique touch in a familiar setting that makes the reading even more fun.

Today's guest is author, Julie Howard, a former journalist and editor who has  covered topics ranging from crime to cowboy poetry. Let's let her tell us about her experience as an author in the series.
Last summer, I was given an amazing opportunity to be part of a group of authors writing for the Deerbourne Inn series, published by The Wild Rose Press. I have two mysteries currently out with this publisher and knew this series would be a winner – and it is!

First, an explanation on how this series works. Authors are given some guidelines. All stories take place in the same fictional town of Willow Springs, Vermont. Their characters are a mix of set townspeople and new people who visit the Deerbourne Inn. From there, the world is pretty much wide open. Stories range from romance to paranormal to historical, and also travel in time. Well over a dozen books are in the works, and my Spirited Quest story will be number five. You don’t need to read them in order; each book stands alone as a complete story. I call my story “sweet, short and spooky.” There’s a sweet price of $2.99, all books are novellas, and mine includes a blithe spirit who flits along the historical floorboards of the inn.

This is my first novella and first paranormal mystery too. I found it such a joy to write this story and love my ghost and the connection she forges with one of my main characters. I’ve now started a paranormal series and hope to pitch it to my publisher later this year. Fingers crossed!
Let's hear more about Spirited Quest:

She’s chasing a ghost, but who is chasing her?
Paige Norman believes in a tangible, explainable world. When her ghost-hunting niece comes for a visit, she tries not to scoff. But someone, or something, is stirring up trouble at the Deerbourne Inn and her niece, Jillian, is at the center of the mystery.

Paige is certain the handsome Aussie photographer is behind the unexplained disturbances, and she warns her niece to stay clear. Meanwhile, Jillian gets to know the otherworldly Lady of the Deerbourne, who foretells an encounter with "two men." Then the pranks turn dangerous. Has her niece attracted a stalker or has she conjured an evil presence? Can the culprit be the man who has captured her heart? 

Let's get an excerpt!

He nodded a friendly greeting to her, his gaze grazing past to include others on the porch. “G’day, ma’am. G’day all.”
An Australian. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh, to be twenty-five, even thirty-five, again. His gaze settled on her niece, and as always happened to men where this girl was concerned, his jaw slackened, then tightened.
Next to her, Jillian grew still, lifting wide blue eyes to the newcomer. The moment passed. He was through the front door and into the lobby, and the door closed behind him.
“You’re in for some nice company this week,” Paige commented with a smile.
A frown flickered across her niece’s face. “I’ve seen him before.”
“You’ve met?”
“Not exactly. He appeared to me in a dream.” Jillian’s blue eyes were troubled as she gazed at the Inn’s front door. She lifted one hand and rubbed the back of her head, then gave a shiver. “There was blood and I was afraid.” 
If you want to read other the other books in the Deerbourne Inn series, here they are:

By Reservation Only – Book 1 by Barbara Edwards
Hope’s Dream by Peggy Jaeger
Freedom’s Path by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Lyrical Embrace by Amber Daulton (release date: Feb. 11)

More will come out through the rest of the year.

And here is how to get Spirited Quest:

Buy Links:
The Wild Rose Press:

And here is how to reach Julie or get more information about her books:

Thank you, Julie, for giving us another visit to Deerbourne Inn!

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