Friday, June 12, 2020

A Blossoming Romance

Summer has always been my favorite time to read -- chalk that up to a small town and my dad putting me to work in the summer time watering the lawn. In those days, we didn't have timed sprinkling systems, so I sat outside on a folding lawn chair in the shade with a good book. Every twenty minutes or so I had to put it down, get up and move the sprinkler to a new spot. Needless to say, sometimes the sprinker over-watered a spot if the book was really good.

Actually, I didn't mind those sprinkling sessions because it meant I also had an excuse to make a weekly visit to the library for several new books to read. My mom also gave me money to stop at the local drugstore for a drink at the soda fountain before walking home. (yes, this was a long, long time ago). 

That experience gave me a love of summer reading and now I get to do it inside sitting on a comfy chair with air-conditioning. Outside, the sprinkling system takes care of  watering the lawn so I have more time to read, and the cold drink is only as far away as the refrigerator in the kitchen. The internet brings me my reading material and author connections have given me new exposure to new books. Instead of searching the stacks, I put in whatever genre I want to read and keep finding wonderful new authors to enjoy and to learn their persosnal stories.  

This week, I am excited to have visiting in My Writing Corner  author Angela Lam. She has written several books focusing on the lives of modern women struggling to find their place in the world. She spent the past three decades writing for newspapers, small press and literary magazines. She tells us her work has included real estate, finance, art, education and nature therapy. She has also received several awards and is the recipient of residencies at Hedgebrook and Vermont Studio Center. 

Welcome Angeles, here did you get the idea for this book?

After a lifetime of being teased for being overweight, I finally decided to write a happily-ever-after for women like me. During a work conference in Georgia, I met a man who later became my best friend. He showed me the flip side of the struggle men face being underweight. With the dual storylines in place, I added several layers to the drama through research into the military, PTSD, alcoholism, sex addiction, and family trauma to create Friends First.

Any advice for new authors?

I sold my first poem in 1985. Publishing has changed a lot since then. Adaptability, persistency, devotion to the craft, daily discipline, and lots of fortitude are necessary to fuel the journey. You will face tons of rejection, dry spells, disappointments, and hard earned victories. Remember why you write and have faith you will find your readers. Define what success means to you, and celebrate your accomplishments. The greatest satisfaction is story well written and well received.  

Angela's news book is Friends First

Maddy Strong doesn’t like to be alone but a weight loss boot camp is not her idea of a good time. Working out and counting calories is a test she’s bound to fail—especially when paired with fitness-focused Greg as a workout partner.

Health-conscious Greg Power is desperate to end his night terrors. While he doubts his therapist’s prescription of exhausting his body and reprogramming his mind he is willing to try anything.

During their workouts they uncover a deep connection. But when their friendship blossoms into love, they discover possibilities neither have ever considered.  Faced with the biggest decision of their lives, who will they choose?

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Anything else you’d like to add: 10% of each sale will be donated to Hope For The Warriors to support military families throughout our communities during this most stressful time.

Any questions or comments for Angela?

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