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Sweet Treats for Summer

Now that it's June, it's time to officially start our summer reading. And what could be better
than a mixture of romance and the sweet taste of ice cream?  That's what we're serving up today in My Writing Corner.  Our guest is author,  Marilyn Baron, who writes in a variety of genres from women's fiction to historical romantic thrillers and romantic suspense to  paranormal/fantasy. She writes in a variety of formats, from short stories and anthologies to full-length novels, including a musical.

Marilyn has received writing awards in Single Title, Suspense Romance, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements, and Paranormal/Fantasy Romance. She was also The Finalist in the 2017 Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) in the Romance Category for her novel, Stumble Stones, and The Finalist for the 2018 GAYA Awards in the Romance category for her novel, The Alibi. She is a nominee in the upcoming 2020 GAYA Awards in the Romance category for The Saffron Conspiracy: A Novel. 

In addition she is a  public relations consultant in Atlanta, and is immediate past chair of the Roswell Reads Steering Committee and serves on the Atlanta Authors Series Committee.

Marilyn says the idea for her new story came from a past event in her life:

My husband and I traveled to Italy last October. After a visit to Lake Como, we were based in Rome and took day trips to Florence, the Amalfi Coast and Capri. I wanted to return to Florence to visit some of the places I loved while I was attending college there 48 years ago, because I thought I might not have the opportunity again. We took a train to Florence and visited the Uffizi Gallery to see my favorite painting, The Birth of Venus, walked along the Arno River to the Ponte Vecchio and went to my favorite gelato shop, Vivoli®. While eating gelato, my husband asked, “What If you could go back in time and recapture your youth?"

 While I was studying in Florence, I was actually cursed by a gypsy. In this story, a reverse Roma curse transports the sixty-something heroine back in time to her 23-year-old self.

Great! Let's get a sweet taste of her new summer romance:

Kate Buckthorn, a sixty-something woman in a predictable marriage, takes a day trip to Florence, Italy to relive the months spent there as a college art history student. 

After visiting all the familiar sights, she returns to her favorite gelato shop where she tosses some coins into the plastic cup of a Roma looking for change. And change is what is what she gets, literally.

After enjoying her triple-scoop gelato, she leaves the shop, magically transformed into her twenty-three-year-old self.

Does she stay in Florence and have a fling with a gorgeous Italian hottie, pursuing her painting career in the birthplace of the Renaissance? Or does she return to her unfaithful husband as her younger self? What choice would you make?

Let's get an excerpt:

She was running out of time. She would just have a handful of minutes to walk along the Arno River and perhaps walk across the Ponte Vecchio. She loved jewelry and she could spend hours gazing at the shops. There wouldn’t be time to see the David at the Accademia Gallery. She hadn’t thought to reserve a ticket and probably couldn’t get in anyway. It was a good thing Michelangelo’s David was burned onto her brain. She would never forget the magnificent sculpture. By the time she arrived at the river, she realized she had forgotten her cane. Damn, she couldn’t walk without it. But then she had fairly run to the river, without the cane. She scratched her head. How was that even possible? She no longer needed a cane to walk. Her steps were lighter. She felt infinitely lighter, even after that humongous cup of gelato.

She glanced into the mirror of a parked motorcycle and drew back in shock. She could hardly believe her reflection. She was staring back at her twenty-three-year-old face and body, complete with butt-hugging jeans, a form-fitting beige ribbed blouse, and clogs she couldn’t have walked in before she arrived in Florence.

A band of Italian boys surrounded her, shouting, “Ciao, Bella.” What was happening? Was she hallucinating? What was in that gelato anyway? Somehow, that Roma woman or the gelato or a miracle had managed to melt time and transport her back to the Florence of her college days. She recognized the outfit she was wearing from her photo album. Was she having sunstroke? There had to be a rational explanation. 

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Thank you, Marilyn, for bringing us this sweet treat!! Any comments or questions for Marilyn?

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  1. Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog.
    Marilyn Baron


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