Monday, January 11, 2021

From Brainstorming to Book

This week I've split my time between writing two new books and  editing two more.  Watch for more news on those as they get further along. But that hasn't kept me from looking for new authors I might want to read or stories from authors I've enjoyed.  This week I'm pleased to welcome to My Writing Corner author Darlene DeLuca. Her newest book is The Story Between Us. 

Welcome, Darlene, where did you get the idea for this book?

 Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Rebecca! I think the idea for this story was born from some brainstorming about interesting careers. Once I started mulling around the idea of a children's book author, I knew there had to be a child involved. Since I set out to write a romance, there had to be a single dad as the love interest…so, Kristen, Reed and Dylan were brought to life.

Any challenges to writing this story?

One of the challenges to adding a child to the mix was to still keep the romance as the central story line. I wanted an endearing kid, yet knew he had to be real and relatable. Anyone with kids needed to recognize moments of funny but inappropriate comments, the sweet moments of trust and affection, and the occasional bothersome whining or need for attention.

And, of course, there had to be an antagonist, so Dylan’s aunt materialized. Her abrasive attitude and questionable dependability keep the reader guessing about her motives and keep reminding Reed that he really is Dylan’s best option as guardian.

What is your goal when you set out to write a book?

What I want more than anything when I write is to make an emotional connection between the characters and the readers. If I can make my readers smile, sigh, or shed a tear, I’ve accomplished my goal!

How about a blurb?

Her agent warned her not to get attached to a fan. But children's book author Kristen Hanover is about to break the rules. Kristen meets a young boy who is a victim of a tragic accident and is drawn into the heartbreaking situation.

      Six years ago, Reed Armstrong never imagined he'd actually become guardian of his sister's boy. Now he is, and most days he's not sure he's up to the task. When he and Dylan meet Kristen, Reed downplays his nephew's crush on the author. But as their lives become unexpectedly intertwined, he finds himself captivated as well.

     Trouble is, she sells stories for a living. Does she truly care about Dylan…and Reed, or is she using them for her own career advancement?

Now that sounds like a wonderful story!  Here are the buy links for her book and information on how to read more about Darlene and all her books.  

 The Story Between Us - Kindle edition by Deluca, Darlene. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Thank you, Darlene for being my guest today and introducing us to  your new book!

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