Monday, August 16, 2021

A Visit to a World of Wizards and Dragons

 Sometimes it is fun to just get away and visit another world. That's what we are doing today in My Writing Corner as author Darcy Carson takes us to the world she has created in one of her wonderful fantasy books, Woman in the Woods.

Darcy comes from the Pacific Northwest  and has won numerous awards for her books. Chosen to be a Romance Fate book as  a game, this story is out of this world in a number of ways. It's the second book in The Dragons Return trilogy.  Let's start with a blurb:

Becca d’Firn is a warrior woman from The Wilds on a quest to save her village from a terrible plague. When she finds the Wizard Cress, he refuses to help her unless she agrees to return with him to free his sister from a spell which has trapped her for over a thousand years. Now, together with the Guardians of Secrets—tiny, insect-sized dragons—they find a treasure that will change their world.

Now let's go on a visit to that fantasy world and talk to some of these unique character and find out who they really are and what they're up against. 

We'll start with Becca:

Why did you become a warrior woman?

It is the way of my village and a very good way as far as the women are concerned. Women believe in the Goddess Luna and they rule the village. Women are the hunters. They are superior to the males of the village.

Tell us about the plague threatening your village. Where did it come from? 

The cause is unknown. It appeared about two years ago and seems to return in the fall and the spring. Mostly the elderly women and young children are affected. That is why I volunteered to seek out the great Wizard Cress. It is said he is over a thousand years old and very wise.

How can the wizard help to save your village? 

I set out on my journey to find the wizard, but had doubts that a male would be able to discover a cure when the women of my village couldn’t. It wasn’t magic that found the cure, but observation.

Now let's check in with Cress, the Wizard, and learn more about him.

 What happened to your sister, Trell?

She was betrayed by a friend, a fellow wizard. He cast a spell on her, then died and the spell couldn’t be broken until the riddle was solved.

How can Becca help you save your sister?

Becca seems to hear Trell’s voice. I have lived in the ancient dragon circle for eons and have never been able to speak with her.


Who are the Guardians of Secrets?  

They are the only dragons to survive the Great Dying, when humans hunted and killed all normal sized dragons. Guardians are the size of fireflies or dragonflies. Their small size has kept them safe for eons. 

This sounds like a fantasy that can totally pull the reader into another world. Thank you, Darcy, for bringing us this great offering. 

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Any comments or questions for Darcy or her characters? Thank you, Darcy, for being my guest today.

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