Monday, October 11, 2021

A Wild, Wilder West

 Don’t we all love cowboys who behave badly?  I say yes! We adore them almost as much as the determined or feisty heroines who take them on or tame them. Today’s guest in My Writing Corner is Anna Taylor Sweringen and in her latest work, she visits the Wild West. Let’s greet her writing alter-ego:

Michal Scott is the erotic romance pen name of Anna Taylor Sweringen, a retired United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church USA minister. Inspired by the love mystics of Begijn, Audre Lourde and bell hooks, Rev. Anna writes erotica and erotic romance with a faith arc, hoping to build a bridge between the sacred and secular, spirituality and sexuality, erotica and Christ, you and a well-written spiritually-stimulating and erotically-arousing story. She uses story settings to give insight into the African American experience in the US. Besides erotic romance, she writes inspirational and sweet romance as Anna Taylor and gothic romance and women's fiction as Anna M. Taylor. 

Her latest work is “The Patience of Unanswered Prayer,” a short story that appears in the Anthology,  Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #6 and will be released on October 12, 2021.

Let’s get a blurb:

Back from his latest round up, trail boss Franklin Adams senses trouble has come to his homestead. His wolf companion Zeb senses it too. Feisty shop owner Eleanor Taylor has been kidnapped and is destined to be another victim of Reconstruction-era violence for running a successful business. When Franklin rescues her, he reveals a secret that may save or condemn them both. 

Sounds interesting but don’t we all want to get to  know these characters better, starting with Franklin.

What kind of a future do you hope to build?

It’s always been my dream to have enough land to recreate the freedom my people and species had back in Africa. It’s why I’ve always loved trail driving and working on the range. I see myself with a mate ruling and roaming over our kingdom here in the West, creating a healthy pride and generations who will follow in our footsteps when it’s time for us to join the ancestors.

What first draws you to Eleanor?

Her character. Every time I went into her store I admired her concern for others, her integrity, how she cares more for relationship than profit. Then once I got my character admiration glasses off, I was able to see she’s a damn fine looking woman.

What concerns you about her?

Her eyes are so focused on the stars, she doesn’t see the snakes on the ground. I’ve always sensed there’s more to her than I perceive. She moves with authority, the kind of authority I imagine my mate would have, but Eleanor is all alone. She doesn’t realize that having a sense of self the way she does is no real protection against the evils of the world.

What worries you about the future?

I’m watching the violence happening in the South, watching how it’s creeping West. No one, no matter their color, is immune to what’s being called Redemption. As more and more settlers occupy native territory I really worry if people of color and my species in particular have a chance at a healthy, happy life in America. I’m worried our only hope is to go back to our mother continent, Africa.

Now let’s talk to Eleanor.  Why were you kidnapped?

Because the sheriff is in league with Reb [character] to take over my business. They trumped up charges against me which my lawyer knows I will beat, once we get to court. To make sure that doesn’t happen the sheriff kidnapped me to get me out of the way permanently.

What draws you to Franklin?

The first time he walked into my store I was drawn to the way he carried himself. Quiet but not

subservient. Casual but always alert and so appreciative and charming. There was something about his manner. Regal, I call it. I imagine him on a savannah in Africa, a king on a throne, ruler of all he surveys. And did I mention he’s the finest specimen of male Blackness I’ve ever seen?

What do you want most out of life?

I’m so lonely. I want a mate I can depend on, share my true self with, have a family with, grow old with.

What is your biggest fear? 

That if the townspeople learn my secret, who I really am, in fear and out of ignorance they’ll turn on me. Even though I’ve always stood up for them, they’ll stand aside and let my business competitor, Reb Gordon Daniels and Sheriff Radcliffe kill me.

Intrigued? Want more? How about an excerpt:

The sounds of horse hooves clopping, drunken laughter, and saloon music had faded long ago. Only chirruping crickets, croaking bullfrogs, and Sheriff Radcliffe’s lies penetrated Eleanor’s covering. Where were they taking her?

The wagon wheels creaked with every rut they hit. Eleanor wheezed, desperate for fresh air. Nausea roiled at the base of her throat. Would she die choking on her own vomit? Fear squeezed her chest as yes flit through her mind like a lightning bug.

The wagon lurched to the right. Her nausea intensified.

"Mind how you go there, boy. We don't want to be accused of mistreating the prisoner."

Being arrested on false charges didn’t count as mistreatment? How about being abducted by ones sworn to uphold the law? Eleanor’s agony mirrored that of Christ’s on the cross.

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

She moaned, her spirit smothered by despair. The pressure at the small of her back eased only to be followed by a sharp jab to her spine.

"Shut up, damn you," Radcliffe snapped. "Your days of troubling me will soon be over."

"What was that you said, Sheriff?"

"Thank God this trouble'll soon be over. We'll have delivered her safe and sound to the county seat tomorrow."

"Safe and sound,” Deputy Jim Flyte said. “Thank the good Lord."

His tone, full of innocence and ignorance, penetrated Eleanor’s cloth prison and killed all hope that he’d be of any help. She stifled a groan lest her tormentor kicked her again. Flyte was too young to know that safe and sound to Sheriff Hobart Radcliffe meant only one thing: Eleanor’s death.

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Thank you, Anna/Michal for being my guest today on My Writing Corner!  Any questions or comments for her?


  1. Thanks for hosting me Rebecca and giving Franklin and Eleanor a chance to share themselves.

  2. Love the character interview! And what an interesting premise with a hero who is a cowboy werewolf! I like how you put the religious into your story, particularly since the American frontier of the West was known for its Christian Beliefs. Lots of conflict here! Looking forward to reading the story to find out Franklin's secret and what happens next!

    1. Thanks, Vonnie. So glad the spiritual elements are showing up without being preachy.

    2. Yes, not preachy at all. A very seamless insert. It will be interesting to see how the entire book reads from beginning to end with the spiritual elements.

  3. Can't wait to read this, Anna - I ordered the anthology a while back so it is on my Kindle now. Love the story premise, interview, and the excerpt.


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