Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Right Combination

A missing dog, a potential poisoning, and a suspicious death.

Doesn't that sound like just the right combination for a book you want to pick up and read on a cold, snowy winter day--or any other day for that matter? That's the tagline for the new book by author Darlene Fredette who is today's guest in My Writing Corner.

Darlene resides on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where, she says, the summers are too short, and the winters are too long. An avid reader since childhood, Darlene tells us that she loved to develop the many stories that kept coming to life in her head. She now writes contemporary romances with a focus on plot-driven page-turners. When not working on her next book, she can be found with her husband, her daughter, and her yellow Labrador. Darlene’s favorite pastime is taking summer daytrips to the Valley to soak in the small-town feel.

Her newest book is Finding Home Again, which was just released by The Wild Rose Press. Let's get a blurb:

Caretaker of a historical home, Jordan McKenzie, promised to keep a secret, but doing so gets harder by the minute, especially when an innocent kiss misses its intended target. Entangled in a web of mysterious mishaps, she discovers a surprising family connection. Is putting her trust in her boss' handsome nephew a risk worth taking?


Chef, Logan Crane, returns to Redford Falls hoping to claim an inheritance to open a restaurant, but he side-lines his plan after meeting Jordan. When past secrets intermingle with a present attraction, will Logan open his heart to the possibility of a future in Redford Falls…and with Jordan?

Will Jordan and Logan find their happily-ever-after before another mysterious accident occurs?


The characters sound fascinating so I wanted to question them to find out more about them and their lives. Let's start with Jordan:

What are you looking for in your life right now? 

I’m good. I have the perfect job renovating a historical home, and great friends, but my heart is lonely.

What draws you to Logan? 

Logan knocked me off my feet. Literally - physically, lol!

What frightens you about becoming involved with him? 

I’m keeping a big secret from him, and my heart wants to trust him, but my head is conflicted.

Tell us about your family. My mother and grandparents live in Toronto. 

I moved to Redford Falls for a teaching job, but I soon find out about a deeper connection I have to this small town.

Tell us about this house. 

The inn is over one hundred and fifty years old. In the past, the home was a first-rate inn and housed many elite socialites such as kings, lords, and princes. During the second war era, the inn served the function of military lodgings, and the land was used as an exercise ground for troops. Also, at one time the house acted as a hospital to aid the wounded.

Now, let's hear from Logan:

Why did you return to Redford Falls? 

I was sent an invitation to attend a meeting with my aunt’s lawyer, but I may have had my own ulterior motives.

What about Jordan appeals to you? 

She is a beautiful person, inside and out.

What frightens/worries you about her?

I think she is hiding something. I can’t put my finger on what exactly is going on, but she definitely has a secret.

What is your goal in life at the current time? 

To get my aunt’s forgiveness, and to win Jordan’s heart.

What do you want for your future? 

Jordan is my number one priority, and to be a chef in the kitchen where I learn to cook.

Want more? Let's dig in with an excerpt:

“That kiss was meant for your cheek. You moved.” Jordan pulled on her helmet then waved a hand for Miska to jump into his seat. She tossed Logan his helmet. “You weren’t supposed to kiss me.”

“A beautiful woman plants one on me and I’m not to respond?” He stepped beside her and ran a finger down her cheek. “Unfortunately, I can’t tell your boyfriend our outing was strictly platonic anymore. Because I kissed his girl, and I liked it.”

Blushing, Jordan nudged her shoulder against his before getting into her ATV and driving away.

Logan shouldn’t have kissed her—and he shouldn’t have flirted. But dang it, he truly enjoyed both—and given the opportunity, he would do both again.


If you want more information on Darlene and her books, here's where to look:

Universal Purchase Link: 


Author Web Site: http://darlenefredette.blogspot.com/

Blog: http://findingthewritewords.blogspot.com

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Darlene-Fredette/e/B005NAF660/

The Wild Rose Press Author Page: https://www.thewildrosepress.com/authors/darlene-fredette

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darlenefredette_author/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarleneLF

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarleneLF

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/DarleneLF

Book Trailer Teaser: https://youtu.be/2_STxHh37A4

Other Books by Darlene Fredette

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Cherry Red

Thank you, Darlene, for being my guess today on My Writing Corner.  Any questions or comments for Darlene?


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  1. Thank you, Rebecca, for hosting me, Jordan, Logan, and Finding Home Again! We had so much fun doing the interview. Have a great day!


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