Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet Dawn Luedecke

My guest today in My Writing Corner is Dawn Luedecke, author of the Windrose series.  Dawn, When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
Ever since I was in high school I have always been good at writing, although back then doing it as a profession never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to sit down and take a crack at fiction writing.

Tell us a little about your road to publication. How did you get started? The day I brought home my 200th book my husband suggested I start writing them instead. That advice stayed with me for a few weeks until I sat down and started typing. After  finished my first manuscript, To Tame a Montana Heart, I went to a facebook chat with Linda Lael Miller and she suggested I join RWA. I did and ever since then my career has taken off.
You are writing paranormal romance and western romance.  That’s quite a combination. What do you like best about writing in each subgenre?
I love history. I’m the first one to go and see a very old gravestone just because of the historical story of the person beneath. I also love to visit any historically relevant place and learn about the stories that took place there. Growing up a country girl and combining that with my love of history, I decided to delve into historical westerns.
I love writing paranormal because I get to create the story and world. This is a representation of who I am creatively.

What made you choose those two particular genres?
I chose both genre’s because in some way they represent who I am.

Tell us a little about your book, To Tame a Montana Heart. What gave you the idea for this story?
All of my Montana Girl Series are based off of my real life siblings. Dusti is my youngest, and the most clumbsy and charming girl in our family. She made the perfect heroine.

Where do you get your ideas for stories?
Since my siblings and I grew up in the country, I wanted to write a historical story for them. I took elements from their character, events from their past, bits from my imagination, and even a request or
two from my sisters on their storyline, and came up with the stories.

What about characters?  Where do you get ideas for your wonderful characters like Travis and Dusty?
Well you heard about Dusty, but Travis is a mix between my sister’s husband, and the hero from my imagination.

What project are you working on now?
Currently I am working on a few projects. A Christmas contemporary, book 3 of the Montana Girl series (Montana Bound), book 2 of the Windrose series, and a western contemporary.

Any words of advice to beginning writers?
The best advice I received was join RWA or any other writing organization in your genre. It can do so much for your career.
How about a blurb?
Running from a past of privilege, deceit and danger, Travis Simms is ready to settle down. What better place to forgt all he left behind than the quiet little Montana town of Lolo Hot Springs? His goal is clear -- build a hotel and his own destiny without complications -- until one of the town's most troublesome women captures his attention.
Dusty Larson is hell ben on independence, helping her sister run the Triple D Ranch. She can do anything a man can and do it better, so she certainly doesn't need one in her life. The only problem is she seems to attract bad luck and danger... and Travis. Can he tame her wild ways and keep his bachelor status intact -- or does he risk losing his heart?
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  1. Dawn, I'm glad you took you're husband's advice and started to write.

  2. Great blog, enjoyed the questions and the answers!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting me!

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    So the other day we had a fun time at a redneck party at my sisters house. In which I won the costume contest by going as a nine month pregnant woman with a two month old and a year old. I may have been mocking myself since the babies, along with my older two children, were actually mine. Either way I had a blast.