Thursday, June 1, 2017

Start Summer Reading with a Ghostly Romance

June has always been the beginning of my summer reading. When I was in school I always spent my summer days with a book, often romance. Sometimes I delved into spy novels or I let a book carry me off into space. At least one day a week I would walk to the library and check out two to three books. Vacations always meant I got to buy a couple of paperbacks to take with me. Those summer reading habits haven't changed much. Every summer I seem to read more so I am always on the look out for new books and new authors to sample.

Today the author guest in My Writing Corner is Sandra Tilley who has a new book out from The Wild Rose Press. It has all all the promise of those summer romances I love to read. Sandra is a former teacher turned writer who says she is a Southern girl who loves living near the white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and she likes writing stories set there.

Beach side romances sound like a good way to start my summer reading, especially when you add in ghosts and intrigue, so let's get the details on her latest release, The Ghost and Mrs. Miller.

Libby Miller is a good Southern girl and good Southern girls know the rules. But Fate has no rules.  On her nineteenth wedding anniversary, fate whips up a tornado of turmoil when Libby finds her husband Neil in the arms of his assistant. But the storm's not over. Neil flips his BMW, and Libby comes home to find his ghost in the dining room. How is Libby supposed to grieve and move on with Neil's ever-present, meddling ethereal presence in her life?  With her twentieth high school reunion looming, Libby finds herself torn between two men from her past. One man promises passion and a new beginning, and the other wants to pick up where they left off. Neil stirs up a maelstrom of mischief, making it almost impossible for Libby to sort through the rubble. Libby anticipates a confrontation between her two suitors--not a shadowy stalker who choose the reunion as his setting for a showdown.   

In Libby's quest for independence, she rejects the one man who can save here. Can she compromise the price of her freedom, or will it cost her a second chance at love and put her life in danger?

Now that sounds like a great story to start off my summer reading!

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Thanks you, Sandra, for introducing us to The Ghost and Mrs. Miller.

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