Sunday, March 14, 2021

A World of Wizards and Dragons

With all the chaos around us, who wouldn't want to get away and visit another world?  That's what we're doing today in My Writing Corner.  Let's take off to the fantasy world created by today's author guest, Darcy Carson. 

 Darcy hails from the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area, where she says she lives with her
workaholic husband and a spoiled poodle. She has won numerous awards for her books.  Today she takes us far from that location to her magical fantasy world where dragons roam.. 

Her latest book is from The Dragon Returns Series, She Wakes the Night. 

Trell Langois escapes a thousand-year-old curse. Being trapped as a tree wasn't on her bucket list, but now she can continue as a healer. Traveling with her dragon, Torkel, she seeks out new cures to help others and meets Gren. An unfortunate soul who suffers from a dreadful disease.

Gren Oyg Har is a prince on a mission. In order to rule his father's kingdom, he must find a healer. Not just any healer, mind you, but one with a dragon. Yet, it is Trell who finds and rescues Gren, but wants nothing more to do with him. If not for Torkel, she would leave him behind.

Separate goals soon become entangled, and both Trell and Gren are on their way to falling in love until secrets better kept hidden become known--and threaten to destroy all they hold dear.

Lets get more from these characters, starting with Trell..

Tell us about this curse on you.  How did  you get it placed on you? 

It was a horrible accident. My brother Cress and his friend, both wizards, were each trying to outdo the other with their spells. His friend thought it would humorous to turn me into a tree. Well, Cress didn’t take it well and struck his friend. He fell and struck his head and died. There was no way to reverse the spell.

What does it mean?

After a thousand years as a tree in a magical dragon circle, I was eager to see the world. As soon as I finished my healing classes, I was ready.

How has it caused you problems?

Not as many problems as one might think. Once I accepted my fate, I learned great patience. And when the spell was broken, I was free to do whatever I wanted.

What do you want most in life?

To heal the sick. I learned great patience as a tree, and it increased my compassion for all living things 

Now let's hear from Gren. What is your goal in life?

To succeed in the quest my father has created for me and my brothers.  It’ll allow me to improve the deplorable conditions of my villagers.

What draws you to Trell?

She is at the center of the quest. Find the healer, find the dragon.

What is the problem between you?

I’m in disguise, which means our relationship has started off on false footing. If my secret is discovered, there will be no trust between us.


What is it like being the first full sized dragon in eons?

Someday I shall be king of all dragons. All I have to do is find my lair and the gemstone that calls to me.

Why do you follow Trell?

For her own protection. She is an innocent and I sense something is not true with the Untouchable accompanying us on our trip.

Why do you like the music the Untouchable plays?

I am a being from an ancient lineage. Music has always been part of my heritage.

That truly sounds like a magical winner of a story!

To contact Darcy, here are is the contact information. 




Thank You, Darcy, for being my guest and introducing us to your great characters..  Any questions or comments?

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