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A Bag Full of Romance and Suspense

When I think of purses, I always think of my mother. She was constantly shopping for purses of all shapes and sizes, and I think she passed her habit on to me. Today's guest in My Writing Corner, Wendy Kendall, caught my attention when I learned about her own love of handbags. Her passion for purses, mystery and writing come together in the intriguing Purse Suit Mysteries.

Her book, Kat Out of the Bag, introduced Katherine Watson purse designer/sleuth.  As Kat moves from designer bags to body bags, she's uncovering clues to a murder. The prequel, Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash delves into a chilling cold case. The romantic suspense, Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For created a tangle of mystery and love and raises suspicions about Desiree's romantic new sweetheart, Leo. 

Now Wendy has a new summer read that will keep you on the edge of your beach towel, Cherry Shakes In The Park. It blends danger, divas, and frothy delights. Wendy says she enjoys investigating the Pacific Northwest life, and she leaves a trail of her own clues as a blogger, YouTube podcaster, speaker, project manager, and syndicated columnist. Just wait until you see what Katherine Watson and her friends in Bayside face in their next adventure.

Let's get a blurb:

Selling ice cream on a bike cart, Bryson Tanner pedals his way into a double mystery.

Bryson is training for Olympic trials in track and field, when his coach's brother disappears. The police find no cause for opening a case, but Bryson and Coach disagree. What they uncover leaves Bryson cornered, his life at risk. 

Bryson is also plagued by mysteries of the heart. His ex, Marta is back and stars in the acting troupe's weekend show in the park. She'd stomped on his heart once. Could he trust her with it again? Marta's co-star, Senona charms Bryson over cherry shakes in the park. He's torn between rekindling his past, or starting a new flame. He joins Senona on the actors' mystery hunt, where the winner receives a career-boosting prize. 

Who knew the actors' clue hunt would merge with the kidnapping? Danger escalates during a midsummer night's dalliance at desolate Loon point.

Want to know more about this book?  How about an excerpt:

        “Bryson, Vince might have been kidnapped.” Coach’s voice tremored.

“What? That’s crazy.” 

Coach leaned against his car. Bryson faced him. “The cops will find him. They’re on the case now.” 

Coach put his hand up to his forehead. “What is this about? There’s been no ransom call. They think they found blood. What did Vince get himself into?” 

    They stood speechless, as the cops worked. Jason and Hobbs left the scene, and the dog jumped back into the car. Jason came over. “They’re done with me for now. It’s going to be a long night, and there’s nothing either of you can do at this point. They’ll call you as soon as they know more. I suggest you wait at home.” 

Coach slowly shook his head. “No, I’ll wait here.” 

Jason looked at Bryson, then back at Coach. “Okay. Stay back here while they’re collecting evidence. Good night.” 

As they watched his patrol car leave, Bryson got an idea. “Coach, he’s right, there’s nothing you can do for Vince here—” 

“I’m not leaving. You go ahead.” 

“Listen, you wanted to check out Vince’s laptop. This would be a good time to go to his house. By morning the cops will think of searching there, and they’ll probably put crime scene tape up and not let you in. We can go now.” 

Coach slowly straightened up as Bryson’s words sank in. “Good idea.”


Bryson got in his jeep. “I’ll follow you.” 


This story sounds intriguing, but if you want to read on, you'll have to buy the book. Here are the buy links as well as the information on how to get in touch with Wendy.

Buy Links:

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Wendy-Kendall/e/B085FWG8Q3?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1657503282&sr=8-1 

Barnes and Noble - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cherry-shakes-in-the-park-wendy-kendall/1141622049?ean=2940186707899 

KOBO - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kat-out-of-the-bag 

Social Contacts

Website – WendyWritesBooks.com

Facebook – WendyKendallMysteries

Twitter - @wendywrites1

Instagram - wendyekendall

Thank you, Wendy, for being my guest today. Any comments or questions for Wendy?

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  1. Thanks very much, Rebecca for the fun appearing on your blog today. I had so much fun writing Cherry Shakes In The Park, filled with Romance and Mystery and Humor


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